Day 34: Music For The Soul

From Tirtagganga, I made my way to Canggu to visit my friend Kayo (amazing clothing designer) and catch the last Dustin Thomas show, with Jus Wright opening. I love these kids. They are the voice of a new wave of music. These musicians sing of real time world issues and real life stories pour from their soulful sounds, and they do it with hearts a flame. My first taste of music like this was Nahko, with whom I was able to spend beautiful time with in 2012 and 2013, even performing with him and Medicine For The People for six shows along the East Coast of Australia. Dustin has performed with Nahko and is now on his own mission, with a big voice, big hair and standing tall. I really value his passion for exposing truths that many may not uncover on their own, but music has a way of weaving it’s way into the hearts and psyches of so many. Dustin is on a fiery path, blazing a trail along with others like Nahko, Jus Wright, Sara Tone, Trevor Hall of SOJA, Michael Franti, Matisyahu, and so many more that deliver a potent message with their pleasing sounds. I like to choose music of this nature, that is still underground and independent, to perform my hoop pieces to, to help get these musicians exposed and appreciated. It worked with Nahko's music , and now I have the whole hoop community obsessed, haha! Dustin, your next buddy! Be ready hoopers, some new jams are headed your way.

The show was so much fun! I danced with my hoops for some of Jus Wright’s songs, helping to get the crowd stoked and dancing. Then, Dustin rocked it and got the crowd to donate over 4 million rupiah to fund buying guitars for local village kids who want to play music. An inspiring site to witness. The more I listen to music like this the more I want to play music like this. It ignites something within me that desires to use my voice in a more powerful way. I love telling stories and singing, so I feel that once I learn an instrument other than my own voice, that song writing and performance of this nature will unfold naturally. It was a really powerful moment being on that beach at Old Man’s Beer Garden with Dustin and Jus on stage resounding a noise that helped hundreds find a center point in a world of chaos. 

Before the show I took a while to myself on the beach with my lighted LED hoops and just gave the local stall owners a surprise light hoop show. It’s color therapy for me, and it’s nice to just dance to dance, knowing others are watching but it’s not officially a performance or anything. It’s just for the Love. Music for the Love. Dance for the Love. Love for the Love.

After the show I was blessed to catch a sleepy ride back to Ubud with the boys. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do when I got to Ubud at 3AM but luckily my brother had a bed for me and I got a little sleep between roosters and village sounds. In the morning I still wasn’t sure why I was in Ubud and so I hitched a ride towards Clear Cafe, thinking I would get some ‘clarity’ at Clear, along with some yummy breakfast. Before we even got to the main road I saw my girl Tammy FireFly, saying she was headed to Gili Air Island for a little R&R and to visit with all of the tribe who would be there for a post Pirates Retreat Trance Party. I’m not into psytrance but I sure did like the idea of heading to the beach with some girlfriends! I never made it to Clear Cafe that day, but I did end up on a boat headed to the sunny Gilis! Spontaneity and adventure are always first on my list at times like these. When in doubt, do something you weren’t expecting.
Here are some photos of the DT and Jus Wright show, and until next time, keep shining, singing and holding the flame strong in your heart of hearts. Journey on!

-Shellie White Light