Let's create a world together, where the Feminine is fully socially accepted, honored and sovereign. In balance and harmony, we awaken and shine!


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I have so many people write me and tell me how much they appreciate my posts. I reveal more about myself on facebook than I'd like to admit, so if you want to see as much of "the real me" as you can through this screen, join the conversation over there! I really enjoy sharing my reality as a tool for inspiration. I love being connected with you, and facebook is a popular place to virtually hang. I love going LiVE and delivering the goods face to face, so come play!

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I love to inspire through my photos and words. I am still learning a lot about how to harness the amazing community of Instagram, and when I finally figure it out there will be lots of contests and opportunities for winning high quality coaching opportunities, retreats and shoppe items! Stay posted xo