Shellie White Light, NMT

Advanced Deep Tissue Massage, Bodywork + Hands On Healing


It all started when...

I studied graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health with an Associates Degree in Natural Health with a Concentration in Therapeutic Neuromuscular Massage. I have been a licensed Neuromuscular Massage Therapist since 2007.  Yes, I have a degree in Massage. I had amazing teachers who loved and supported me during the most transformational time in my life. Thank you especially to Pam, RIP, for helping me to "find my feet" and accept the simple truth "It is what it is." Finding something healing for my hands to do, listening to the calling in the Body of Christ as a Healer, altered the course of my existence, and the lives of many others who have benefited from my study of the human body, as I seek to master how to love and nurture this Sacred Temple.

I was in the most desperate dark night of my soul around the age of 20. A college drop out, my week consisted of waiting tables, going out to drink until last call, carousing with a crafty crowd, and pursuing various superficial sexual attractions. I brushed death twice between excess drug use and being hit while drunk walking in the street. For some reason, I lived, and God showed me a brighter path.

By the time I was 21 I was several months sober, living in Florida, attending massage school. In one short Spring season, I lost 35 pounds (I used to be almost 200 lbs. I'm 5'2"), quit smoking and drinking, quit drinking soda and stopped eating fast food. I took a pause from casual sex. I even quit eating meat. Massage school changed my life in a way I would have never imagined. It called me back to my Body Temple, and led me to live in the paradise that is Sarasota, Florida, healing my soul in the salt waters of Siesta Key, healing my body with massage, and my mind with a new environment that would shape me for the decades to come. Once I found the hoop, I was able to combine my love for bodywork with my passion for dance, and began traveling to hoop and flow festivals offering my healing touch to my fellow flow artists! An amazing career that propelled me into a life of extensive adventure and spiritual growth.

I currently reside in Jacksonville, FL and still travel around the world doing healing work and motivational speaking. I share hoop dance as a form of self love and acceptance, and inspire women and children to nourish themselves and each other through play, touch and prayer. I offer hands-on healing locally in Florida, South Carolina, Texas and at live events across the country and world. 


In Home Massage & Healing Sessions:

Deep Tissue Massage: 75min/$125 90min/$150 110min/$200

Pre & Post Natal Massage: 75min/$125.              

Couples Massage (co-facilitated with Kellen Craven, NMT, NMRT): 90min each/$300

Four Handed Massage (co-facilitated with Kellen Craven): 75min/$250


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