Love is the Medicine ~ The Completion of the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2015

Today is the day. The only day that exists in this moment. Not yesterday or tomorrow, only today. This particular day in time is quite the special one as it is a Total Full Blood Harvest Super Moon Eclipse. It is the fourth Blood Moon since April of 2014. There have been 54 Blood Moon Tetrads (series of four) since the birth of Christ. 5+4=9. 9 is a number of completion. Life as we have known it no longer exists. We are ushering in a New Era. Not only is the Moon in an auspicious placement, but all of the planets have aligned in such a way that it is undeniable that we are at the crest of a phenomenal astrological wave of inspiration, change, release, upgrade and ascension. The purpose of this blog is to inform you of the ways that the Universal Heart & Mind is here completely in support of your highest evolution and transformation, and to tune you into a an aspect of an ancient story that is still being played out. The Great Mother and Holy Father are here holding you in the highest divine White Light as a Sacred Child. This is a time for healing. This is a time for forgiveness. This is a time to acknowledge your true self and express it without shame, guilt, fear or falsities. It's time to show up. 
My new favorite phrase?
Show up and Glow! 

The Goddess Awakens as The Morning Star

This Blood Moon signifies the rising of a New Dawn. As Venus is currently the Morning Star, the Goddess is calling for recognition. I choose to recognize her in a way that is meaningful to me, and I feel will be refreshing for millions if they choose to digest it. I want to share a perspective of a very old story with you that may inspire you.... or may piss you off. However it lands within your being is perfect. My intention is love, truth and peace, so I trust that no matter how it lands, it will weave it's way into your heart with ease and grace. It is the story of Christ, in a very different light than you may be familiar with. This is more of the full story as it has made itself known to me, not just the masculine dominated patriarchal pages that we have been force fed through religion and politically edited texts. This part of the story includes a very special lady, one that has been a mystery to many throughout the ages. A lady of light who is the counterpart to the co-creation of Christ Consciousness. Now is the time to see her more clearly, as she steps out of the shadows and to the forefront of the stage on which this drama has been acted out for the last 2000 years.

The Feminine Christ 

Her name is Mary Magdalene. She is mentioned 12 times in the New Testament, showing up for Yeshua (Jesus), her beloved teacher, friend, healer, guide and companion, in the most meaningful of ways. I am not going to completely claim that Yeshua and the Magdalene were married or making love or having babies, but I am going to pose it as a possibility. She was the one that showed up for him in the most potent of ways, and her presence and lineage is more powerful than any of us may realize. Yeshua cast seven demons from her, she supported him financially, in one text is says 'he kissed her on the [mouth]' and was his companion, she washed his feet with her hair and tears, she was there at the crucifixion, and she was the one who waited at the tomb and witnessed his resurrected form for the first time. To me, these are all extremely significant. There is not any 'verified' text pointing to a marriage or a sexual relationship, but I have an intuition and a deep cellular knowing that Mary Magdalene was an initiated High Priestess and was a Tantric Ally for the Ascension of Christ. What I mean by Tantric Ally is this. For Jesus to do what he did (miraculously heal others and defeat death within his own body, eventually ascending in his light body to the ethereal realms) he practiced. He practiced breathing, He meditated, He fasted, He prepared. There is over a decade of Yeshua's life 'missing' from the Bible. There are sacred texts from India and other holy lands that lead us to believe He traveled to these lands and learned of the ancient ways of mastering the mind, body and spirit. He had teachers, and the Magdalene was one of them. Tantra simply means to 'to stretch'. Christ's life has definitely stretched our ability to love and receive love from Our Mother/Father God, so I would say it is Tantric for sure. Tantra is simply a weaving, a seeking of truth and a path of awareness. This is very much the Christic Path. Mary Magdalene was his Tantric Ally because she HELD SPACE for him to be the Master that he was. Holding space for his teachings. Holding space for his death. Holding space for his resurrection. Holding space for ascension. Holding space for His Mission to be grounded in solidly to this Earth Grid. Obviously Jesus needed a very powerful and devoted team to help him ground this impeccably powerful frequency of Unconditional Love onto this planet. She helped Him in ways we may never know. Whether they were making sacred love, married and eventually procreators to a mysterious lineage matters not. What matters is the Goddess that assisted Christ in his mission to bring this Light to this planet is SEEN, HONORED and WITNESSED. Now is the time for us to see. Now is the time for us to witness this resurrection within OURSELVES.

Re-Writing HerStory & History 

This Full Blood Super Harvest Moon Total Eclipse is a perfect moment in time to re-write all of the old stories that simply suck and don't make sense. I grew up the only daughter of a Baptist Minister (and both of my grandfathers were also ministers, my great-grandfather, too). I never felt comfortable with the hellfire and brimstone teachings of needing to be 'saved'. I knew in my heart that God was Love, that Jesus wouldn't damn anyone for inter-racial or gay marriage, and that just because I wanted to explore sexuality before I was married that wasn't a sinner. I knew that there was more to the story than what I was being told. Now, I realize I am helping to re-write this story and bring to light some of the aspects that may help you make more sense of it all. I do feel like this is the time of the 'Second Coming of Christ'. To me, this Second Coming is the Arising of the Christ WITHIN us. Jesus is The LIGHT within our very souls, the LOVE that we are made of! Not something outside of ourselves that we must beg to and plead for. He said it himself "the kingdom of heaven is within in you". His teachings were not of separation, judgement, hatred or fear. His teachings were to love each other, and he was surrounded by women and men who held him up and helped carry him forward. I feel that now is the time to recognize those Goddesses and begin to approach this story from the Perspective of the Divine Feminine, which has been buried, shamed, forgotten, abused, distorted and dismissed over the years in a very unfortunate way.

Sacred Womb Blood

As this Moon turns Blood Red it is time that we acknowledge the Sacred Blood that comes through the womb of the Divine Feminine. If we honor the Blood of Christ then we also can understand that our own blood is also sacred, especially the blood that would have made life, the blood that monthly flows from our Holy Chalice...our Sacred Wombs. These teachings may be hard for some to hear, and that is ok. I fear not the judgement or misunderstandings because now is the time for me to personally release the stories of fear and shame around my blood, my sexuality, my healing, my love, my life and my image. I am here to share with you the deepest of my truths on this day because TRUTH is the only thing that can really set us free. I feel that our wombs are the Holy Grail. That is how all of this connects. Mary Magdalene may or may not have birthed a child conceived with Yeshua; they may or may not have been married. But one thing is certain, she was a key element in the story and she was silenced and made out to be a whore, which is not true and never mentioned anywhere in the Bible. Her LOVE was a gift to Yeshua and helped make it possible for His purpose to be completed. Whether she birthed his child or not, she birthed his purpose. We are still helping Her complete this purpose, as we acknowledge and recognize that we are also Christ Like Beings placed on this planet now to help the entire planet ascend! 

Our Purpose and Role as Christ Light Beings

If Jesus healed people from the confines of death and turned his own body into pure white light then WE CAN DO THIS TOO! John 14:12 states this powerful truth: “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.”  We have a huge responsibility as we awaken to this truth. Stay with your breath, tap into your stillness, and operate from there. 

In Conclusion ~

So, here we are. This is how I am choosing to re-write a story in my mind that has haunted me and millions of others for millennia. If I choose to change the stories that were written for me around shame, guilt and suppression around sexuality, the Sacred Goddess, my divine monthly Moon Blood flow, and the power of Love and healing that is very present inside me then I am doing myself and everyone else a huge freaking favor. There has been so much pain and death around this story, and people do horrible things and call themselves 'believers'. I encourage you to tap deep down into your truths and drum up what resonates with you MOST on this Full Blood Harvest Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. Allow that which no longer serves your highest good to be completely released back to the realms of unconditional love. Let your demons know you love them, thank them for being your teachers and release them back to the Father who can manage them much better than you. Dissolve the old habits holding you back from truly stepping in to your full potential. Release the thoughts that drag you down. Let go of relationships that disrespect your heart. Forgo circumstances that are mediocre to allow for opportunities that will enable you to FLY!

To tie it all together and wrap it up with a beautiful bow I will leave you with these few key points. *Mary Magdalene represents the Divine Feminine in a story that has been very overly masculinely communicated; she brings balance and can show us how to perceive Christ/Jesus in a new light, allowing this energy to fully arrive on the planet, leading to the 'Second Coming' which is actually the arising of the Christ Consciousness inside of our beings. *The Blood Moon is an opportunity to honor the Goddess more fully by acknowledging that Moon Blood from a woman's womb is a sacred fluid that should be honored and given back to the Earth with love and reverence, not discarded and deemed disgusting. This is life force. This is sacred. It is a gift. *The power of Christ is within YOU, and your ability to heal yourself and the world around you is a real experience, not something outside of yourself. *Heaven is also inside of you and we can choose to experience heaven or hell at any moment. Your kingdom in within. On this unique day in space and time I ask of you, dear brothers and sisters, to honor yourselves as the High Kings and Queens you were born to be, the Holy Children of The Divine Mother/Father God/dess that thought you into existence! NOW IS THE TIME AND WE ARE THE ONES!!!!!
We are One with the very Source that Created All Things, and this is our time to show up and shine. I am here for you, here with you, and here as You. May all beings everywhere be peaceful, healthy, holy, happy, liberated and in their highest divine Truth. To all of our relations. Aho. Amen. So it is. 
Blessings and Love ~
Shellie White Light

Book of the Month for August ~ The Red Tent

Welcome to Shellie White Light's Book of the Month Review

August Book Feature:

The Red Tent
by Anita Diamant

I read this amazing book in less than a week. I reveled in it. I cried with it. I felt it's truths and understood Dinah's struggle. I was there with her, the only daughter of Jacob, resilient in a man's world.  Basically, in the Old Testament there is brief mention of Dinah, and the story of her rape is slightly mysterious. This novel that is fictional, but based on this historical setting, ploughs deep into the feminine realms of ritual, rite and community around a woman's first blood. Ceremonies and sacraments that have been lost, but in the telling of this story, are found again. Have a listen to my short video review and grab a copy for yourself. It's worth the read. Also, if you feel moved, find a Red Tent Sisterhood or Gathering in your region. Gathering with women simply because you are all women is very powerful! Sister support is crucial! 
Thanks for reading and watching, and I look forward to sharing next months book with you. It is so good! Stay tuned.....