Becoming A Godmother

Makani Maitraya Best
Born 5/2/2015 at 1:18pm
6 pounds 14 ounces

A beautiful baby girl. I am officially a Godmother.

This is my best friend Omni Love. Aum, her partner, is also my dear brother and friend.
They just made the most beautiful baby appear on this planet, and named Kellen and I Godparents.
I am thrilled, in awe, overjoyed, taken by the cuteness, and totally in love with this little being!

I have not birthed my own child yet, but one day will. I am so thankful to get the practice on Motherhood through Kellen's three kids from his previous marriage, and now with Omni Love's little baby girl. I feel blessed to have so many amazing little children around me (and with all of my other friends giving birth, that number just keeps growing)!

One thing that is interesting that is very obvious to me (and to Kellen) is how much my desire for a baby has increased while being in the presence of a mother who has just given birth. All of her hormones designed to facilitate a head over heals love affair with baby are contagious! My eggs are dropping all over the place. Haha! It's kind of funny, actually. Kellens offering to get my a kitten and all sorts of things. Truly, I am just ready to focus on writing my book. These blogs are helping me get in the habit of daily writing. Thanks for going along with me on this journey....hopefully one day you can say you read my lil' ole blog before I was an international best seller ;)

But I mean LOOK AT THIS?! Wouldn't this make YOU want a baby with this man, TOO?!

It has been just amazing watching Omni Love's transition into motherhood. She is full of grace. She makes it look seamless. I know she is having her highs and lows, but I can tell by her palpable field of love that she is just overflowing with agape (the highest form of love) for this little being she has just birthed. Truly, an honor to witness.

Aum is also looking very natural as Papa Puma, as well. I love seeing my brothers stepping into their roles as new daddies! It's such a special site, so sweet to see it all unfolding. So many couple friends of mine have had babies this spring, it's just lovely!

I'll keep this one short and sweet. I have been bursting at the seems to share Makani's beauty, but tried to keep it in until she was at least two weeks old. She is smiling and squirming and being the healthiest little bean ever! If you are inspired to purchase some of Omni Love's amazing handmade feather earrings or Infinity Facial Oil (cleared my acne) then please click this link and make a donation to supporting this beautiful family: 

Shellie White Light

~Shine Full Spectrum~