Waves, Water and Wisdom

I have been surfing everyday for almost a month. 

I have learned a LOT. I have actually caught some decent waves and already felt the high of gliding across the water and feeling what it feels like to fly. It's beautiful. Like a fish. I'm hooked. (No pun intended).

When you think of surfing you think of seeing super hotties like Kelly Slater gliding through a perfectly barreled wave tube, looking sleek and graceful, calm and strong. Now that I am surfing, I see the massive amount of dedication it takes to reach that point. There is so much involved. Checking the surf. Going to the best wave break. Carrying surd board through sand and to water. PADDLING OUT. Oh my God. THIS is where you separate those who want to catch waves and those who don't care anymore because they don't want to develop the stamina it takes to paddle through white water waves crashing and tossing and turning you all around like your in a washing machine. Paddling out takes strength and courage. You just gotta fucking do it, the rewards are beautiful.

In this month that I have been learning how to surf, I have been humbled in many ways and equally benefitted. My body, hair, skin, muscle tone, weight, confidence and sense of wellness has all increased dramatically. My soul loves the salt, sun and sand. The ocean is my new teacher.

This summer, while I get tossed around by waves and learn how to engage my core, many planets are in retrograde and we are also having three eclipses, two solar, one lunar. A very close friend of mine (you can read his work here) told me to "lay low and watch the show". Boy, was he right. I have been watching a few of these documentaries on Netflix about all of the different cult gurus that have been outed. Wild Wild Country is a very powerful one on the exposing of Osho and then Holy Hell is about the Buddhafeilds cult in LA/Ausin/Hawaii. I saw that David Wilcock (a major whistleblower in the disclosure movement) has resigned from Gaia TV and made it clear he won't be a part of whatever they are up too. I am seeing teachers who even I studied with publicly being taken down (beware the "womb" gurus most of all)...

This is just the beginning. I read an article just today about a head figure in the Buddhist community going down for sexual assault, and I am seeing it in many of the circles I held close at different point along my path. So, I am using this time by myself to develop my DISCERNMENT so that I don't step into the webs of false teachers anymore. That is why I have given up all human "teachers" and let the Ocean be my teacher for today. She is gentle, yet fierce. 

I love the way she molds me.

I have been laying low and will continue to through out this slow summer where everything feels hot and like it might retrograde if you look at it the wrong way. I hope you will follow my lead and take some space from the screen, from social media, and get out of the air conditioning and face the elements this season. Jump in fresh or salt water. Find a river or a spring. Be with the sun when it's rising and setting. Breathe in the thick, summer air and let it fill you up completely. 

To every wave you catch, and to knowing which ones to let go....

Shellie Marie xo