The Spontaneous YES

Spontaneity. A potent medicine for the powerful reset of the regular, and the disruption of poisonous patterns. That is my personal definition of this word and wondrous way of being.

‘Spontaneous’ can be defined in several different contexts, and all of them delight me.
Some of the definitions include and are not limited to the following.
“Performed or occurring as a sudden inner impulse or inclination...”
“Unplanned, extemporaneous, off-the-cuff...”
When used as an adjective to describe a person, “Natural, uninhibited, relaxed, free and easy, open, genuine...” (This one is my fav!)

I write this blog from 33,000 feet as I cross the Pacific for a (mostly) spontaneous one-way-ticket purchase to the Big Island from the East Coast. The opportunity arose several months ago for me to work as the resident massage therapist for Ancient Voices (an amazing Hawaii based retreat hosted by my good sister AyaPapaya), but the intense circumstances of my life stopped me from saying yes. I said “no” until the last minute, and then one of my dearest friends helped me see just how “possible” this working vacation actually was for me (thanks, Trinidad!).

Even though it seemed impossible between money and time, once I understood this was an experience arising from INSIDE of me to break this holding pattern I have been in since my uprooting and reluctant upheaval from ATX. As soon as said “Yes”, and even though odds were against me and I had lots resistance, all of a sudden I had messages in my Messenger and Email to pre-pay and pre-book massage and found an epically priced one-way ticket ($288) from Atlanta. The Universe sometimes just wants to you to take a freakin’ break from all of the intensity that rigidity and expectation can bring! I’m living proof. There are moments when things don’t make sense but you have a very deep desire that must be met. When you say in that authentic and TRUSTING way, moments of breakthrough are all around you!

Since 2009 I have allowed this aspect of existence to permeate me on every level. The benefits have outweighed the negative aspects by far. My sense of adventure has thrived, and there has been more beauty beheld by my eyes than I could have ever asked or dreamed for! Some people may look at my life and judge me. I really just don’t care. I hope they can break through that judgment and feel INSPIRED! My trust in God and allowance for spontaneity and adventure to unfold in mysterious ways has kept me happy, self-employed, feeling free, and given me the opportunity to remind others to LIVE NOW. Yes, right now!

Spontaneity has led me to the sit with elders from the red lands of Australia. It has given me the miracles of swimming naked at sea with dolphins and whales. It has guided me to my career in massage therapy, hoop dance instruction and performance and my role as counselor. Spontaneity has opened up many doorways for me that if I had “thought twice” would have closed and I would be living a very different life. As I write this I realize something about myself that I appreciate. I see that it is a real challenge for me to conform to societal norms, especially when I can clearly see the cage that has been created for us to feel “fake happy” in. The realization is this; I would rather choose a spontaneous and gut felt YES towards unknown, that leads to life experience and happiness, then do things that appear “safe and normal” that may or may not guarantee success. It has gotten me this far, and of course, will refine, but hey, we are only young once.

As I prepare to arrive in Hawaii to offer my 11 years of cultivated massage medicine for these retreat participants, I give thanks. I give thanks to God for giving me all of the tools I require to create a life that leaves lots of room for the spontaneous yes. I give thanks to my amazing parents, who when I tell them I am leaving on a whim to go work for a couple weeks in HI, they just ask when I’ll be back and if I need a ride to the airport. My mom and dad have always supported my life of adventure, and my next phase is to bring them with me. I give thanks, BIG thanks to the amazing people who I have the blessing to call friends, who see my gifts and invite me to be a part of their events. I have been retreat therapist in many different countries and countless gatherings in the US! I feel so, so lucky to be able to combine my passions for healing, travel, dance, and education. I also have to give big thanks to my amazing clients who truly make this possible by purchasing my services and co-creating very transformational experiences for us both.

This life has been one of not only adventure but deeply satisfying service to others.
I encourage you TODAY to allow room for a spontaneous YES and see what occurs!
Jump in that water, even if it is cold!
Listen to your gut and book that ticket.
Trust your intuition and make that phone call.
Lighten your load and randomly spend a few hours in nature.
Get lost!
Go on an unplanned date.
Do something you have never done!
Watch in wonder as your reality becomes alive, and thriving!

In love and whimsy,

Shellie Marie

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Photography by Cadence Feely of Cadencia

Photography by Cadence Feely of Cadencia