Even I am getting sucked in.

I'll be watching the super bowl in couple of hours because I want to see JT slay it and Pink, too. Heard she's doing it even with the flu, and you know she will still own it so hard! I have respect for those musical geniuses. I'm also watching because that one guy from the Eagles team, Alshon Jeffrey, is from my hometown. I do not know him, yet were born in the same place and we also both attended University of South Carolina. So, I'm rooting for this hometown boy. DIRTY SOUTH! Plus, Tom Brady already has five super bowls. That's one whole hand! So, stfu and let the Eagles take one down. Philly peeps, this Carolina girl is rootin' for yer boys! AND FOR THE RECORD, I am not a football fan. I like JT, and representing my peeps. I think football is fun and also whack AF, personally. Just watch the movie, Concussion, with Fresh Prince, I mean, Will Smith. It will show you the dark side of the NFL! Sorry, I had a 90's moment there.            Anyway, Go Eagles! (but seriously, watch that movie). 

Moving on...

It's Sunday Funday synchronicity, story time.

Little known fact: I actually like going to church. I stepped away from anything that smelled like church (fried chicken for the southern baptists) for 15 years. But, lately, I have enjoyed attending my hometown church with my mom and dad. I enjoy spending time with them and I like to study The Word. I rely on my own unique understanding, discernment and connection with God, and with how God would have me to hear it. There have even been occasions I actually learn quite a bit of valuable perspective from the minister. I take the gems, meditate on them, and appreciate the common ground I have found with modern day Christians. I denounced false Christianity, but have continued my relationship with God and Yeshua. I see the Christ-less Christianity that is the disgusting Show that simple minds buy into via politicians and other vile serpents; who use it as a weapon to murder and deceive. THAT type of "Christ-less Christianity" is extremely dangerous, and really desires to be called out so that it can heal.  This is one of my missions. To heal within myself this divide of love and hate, and help others do the same. It's simple, but not easy. If you are re-covering from false Christianity and want to speak, it's what I do. I won't think you're weird! (*Controversial opinion alert*) Re: false christians: Standing for the national anthem is a choice, and so is kneeling for it. 'Judge not, lest ye be judged'. I am also watching tonight's game to see how this wild-fire of a movement started by Colin Kaepernick in 2016 unfolds here in the 2018 gladiator match. After seeing how upset certain people get about it, I have noticed many have confused what they think is patriotism, with nationalism. That's my 2 cents, there.)

So, back to the synchronistic experience. I grew up reading the bible, but because it felt "forced" in some ways I don't think I really listened to the better bits. Today, in church, some scripture was read that helped me to feel very uplifted. It also felt very poignant for the present moment.

Here is the verse:  {Isiah: 40: 31} "But those who wait for and trust in God will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run, and not be weary. They will walk, and not faint." [They will score touchdowns.].

BOOM! (Mind and heart both simultaneously blown and joyfully opened)


Sike, lol. For real though, it moved me ... And when I think of God's word being made flesh in the beauty of nature, I think of actual eagles who are royal AF. I love to watch a majestic eagle soaring in the sky, or dive into the sea. On a more reverent note, this verse offers us a powerful prayer of protection, whether it is for ourselves or those we love. Nothing can mess with those who really feel the truth this reveals. Renewal in every breath, endurance! The reason we love people like Tom Brady so much is because he has gone ALL the way! I seriously don't care about football at all, but I admire athletes, and this dude is a legend. And, this kid from my hometown is crushing it, and and I think he deserves (along with his team, the Eagles) a moment in the sun. Just my humble opinion; if you are a die-heard Pats fan, chill. It's not personal ;)

Point is, the reason so many get sucked into the Super Hole Consumption Sunday is because we all want to feel like WE MADE IT! OUR TEAM ONE! I mean, OUR TEAM WON! EveryONE wants to feel included. Like they belong. Rooting for the same team. Winning! And, also the dark side of the coin, something to root AGAINST. BOO. Heckle. Complain about.                  And overeat dead animals. I see through the "game" and into what humanity actually receives through this. Everyone wants something to believe in. America has a lot of potential, but right now she is a lost nation. 'Zombies treading on decaying foundation', to quote my friend Nahko Bear. I can get behind the time spent having fun with loved ones and the camaraderie, but I can't seem to look past the the empty hole that most of what events like these, are filling. Why must we worship "the pigskin" so much that it becomes hyper - glorified?  To fill the whole, the hole, the bowl. Maybe think about giving just a fraction of what you have spent on any party food, and giving it to a local soup kitchen: to help support people who fill actual bowls with actual soup for actual people who can't afford a home, and certainly not a TV. Let's at least spread the love to less fortunate people, while we idolize extremely wealthy people and sports. I am not saying anything is unforgivably wrong, I am strongly suggesting that this needs BALANCE. I still hope the Eagles win, do you follow me yet? 🦀

To keep it real, yet also keep it light because it's Sunday, and I am using tonight as an excuse to watch Pink and JT and Alshon and Tom and all the people, and eat pie. I might partake of something organic and green (guacamole, you guys! ;). I might even drink an alcoholic beverage, but it's unlikely. I am currently drinking a nice adrenal supporting tea (somebody cut me off), and those of you who know me know I'm more straightedge than ever! As long as we can see a bigger picture of the whole truth, we can move through the smaller truths that we confuse for reality. I am not for corporations or multi-billion dollar monopolies, but I am for small town folks and creative expression. I see it from both sides. I still hope the Eagles win.

You can do it Alshon! Give old man Brady a run for his money.

Enjoy the 'game', ya'll!

Blessings from my hometown perch in Orangburg, SC, land of the most beautiful roses and a black water river.