Today marks halfway. A midpoint, a breath in, for one more deep dive before the Winter is through and the Spring breathes us in. A shift in energy and seasons, a turning of the wheel.

We are no longer just a sprout, but a tightly woven bud. A promise of color and change to come.

We are halfway there, we've come along way, and there is still a ways to go. This is beyond a seasonal expression. As creative, humans, mothers, growing children, couples, activists, artists, those who are healing and all of us who are alive...we are not complete yet in our full expression! Every moment is another canvas, another opportunity for art, change and sharing love. We are still being completed, a new piece returning in its own time. Each moment is an addition to the masterpiece of our lives, being painted precisely by the Creator. Like a tight and tiny bud, still cocooned inside itself, we wait for the Sun to warm us just right. In time, we will burst forth, radiant and in glorious beauty! A caterpillar turns liquid in it's chrysalis before solidifying into a brilliant butterfly. This liquid state could be confused with death, or it could be accepted and honored at the process of total transformation and transfiguration!

This moment right before the blossoming, is the medicine in the Unfolding.

We have not unfolded, yet. It is happening. It is not the full picture, the full flower, the full bloom. It is the time between. The space within. The calm before the storm. It is a moment of stillness, and surrender. An opportunity to say to others and your Maker, I am ready, and I trust in Divine Timing. I let this be a matter in the hands of Divine Will.

Force nothing.

Trust the process.

"And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to Blossom." ~ AnaΓ―s Nin