November Themes: Roots, Resistance & The Morning Star 🌟


Do you know your roots?

Do you really know where you come from and the heirloom seeds from which you were grown? This time of year is a time for reflection and prayers for our Ancestors, the ones who gave us these roots to stand on. The ones who came before us, the ones who lived and died in our lineage, ultimately paving the way for us to BE HERE NOW. Some say the “veil” between worlds is thinnest at this time around the Samhain, Halloween, All Saint Day, Dia de los Muertos, All Souls Day portal, if you will. Yet in my meditation and observation I feel no veil. Perhaps the veil has been lifted, and we are now in a time where all worlds collide and every single choice and second really counts. Each moment is an opportunity to connect with these roots, honor these souls, honor our OWN soul, all the way back to our point of origin. Like a bride before her groom, the veil has been lifted, and now we see the TRUTH.

Roots & Resistance

What TRUTH is present for you? I’ll be honest, because that is what I do here. I am dealing with some deep levels of RESISTANCE. What is resistance, actually? The latin origin of this word is ‘resistere’, which means to “hold back”. I have been re-reading an amazing book called ‘The War of Art’ by Stephan Pressfeild. He talks about resistance in major detail and really gives some epic advice on how to work through resistance, or just bitch slap it, and finally get into CREATION MODE. He also says this, “Resistance is infallible. Like a magnetized needle floating on a surface of oil, resistance will unfailingly point to True North - meaning the call or action it most wants us to stop us from doing…Rule of thumb: the more important a call or action is to our souls evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” BOOM. I have MAJOR resistance to really writing. I mean REALLY writing. These little blogs are great and they help me get into a flow of writing but what about the BOOOOOK? It MUST be my souls greatest calling because I have been resisting writing books since I was old enough to realized I wanted to write on which was about 6 years old. That is 28 years of resistance. Holy sh*t.

What does this have to do with roots? Let’s look at resistance from nature’s perspective. Take a seed for example. A tiny little bitty seed. This seed looks NOTHING like what it will be on the other side of it’s incredible transformation. This tiny seed could be eaten by a bird. It could get washed away from the dirt and discarded. Anything could happen to this tiny seed. When it finds itself nestled in the fertile soil, which is a blessing in itself, it begins to take in the nutrients and eventually will burst open and begin to ROOT. This could be a very scary process if YOU think about it, but the seed does not think, it just goes on instinct and its genetic program. In our minds we might feel resistant to actually cracking open our container to become something totally new. But this is what it looks like to root down from a simple seed.

You know what I think keep the seed from any fright? ✨THE LIGHT.✨ Innately, the seed does not fear the dark nor the creepy crawlies within the soil nor the total destruction of it’s current form as seed because in its very make up it knows what comes next. It knows those roots will keep digging deeper and it also knows that it will burst up through the soil as the light beckons it upward and outward. From here, because this now plant, has a strong tap root it can grow upward towards the light and form a trunk, branches, leaves, blossoms and FRUITS (which carry many seeds inside, beginning the cycle again). Yet, if that seed has resisted, never broken out of its shell, trusting its codes and traditions, we would have no forests, no food and no beautiful autumn leaves or apples. If you let your resistance win, are you denying this world an entire bounty of fruitful nourishment from your very soul to ours? Does allowing resistance to control you equal a kind of death that is not of the body, but of the soul? Resistance, according to Pressfield, is equally the oppressor AND the greatest teacher. We simply must choose to root, to sink into the roots prepared for us and let them nourish us; we must choose the truth that resistance is in fact real, yet guiding us to our most powerful soul calling.

Venus & The Underworld Myth - Threading it All Together

We have been tracking Venus throughout this time in her retrograde portion of her synodic cycle. On Oct 24th she stationed direct with the Sun, her twin flame, her Masculine Pillar, and began her ascent back up through Scorpio and is now in Libra again (don’t worry, she goes BACK into Scorpio soon here until Jan 6th). Much like the seed, Venus was beneath the horizon, and the Sun beckoned her back to the light, after honoring a much needed moment of “death”/rest. She ended her current cycle when she set after being the evening star for 9 months, and she still is low below the horizon. The New Venusian cycle has begun, she is low low low on the horizon, but there; gradually getting brighter, Venus will rise as the Morning Star where she will stay for nine months before becoming the Evening Star for nine months and then disappear again to renew once more. The Sun calls her home every time. Just like the Sun calls home each little seed.

Previously, in my writings and personal mythos, I was comparing this Venusian cycle to the ancient Sumerian story of Inanna and her intriguing journey into the underworld, which is how these stories may have been written (being inspired by celestial observations), After doing more research on Inanna and this story, I realize I don’t really vibe with her values and actions after this whole story is complete. In fact, I realize that perhaps these ancient stories are part of an old covenant, keeping us stuck in some old patterns and ideals. Babylon fell, and is compared to our modern day society, so why perpetuate the Babylonian themes? Just a thought (not truth), and my thoughts change often. For whatever reason, I am no longer inspired to share about Inanna. She lived through the whole thing, taught us a bunch about how to die to our darkness, and was reborn but for a PRICE. She had to trade her husbands life for her own to be returned. This is, to me, where the story gets sticky. So, perhaps more on that at a later time, but for now I redirect my attention to The One who has my heart.

There has been One there for me this whole time, One who reminds me that even with all of these heavenly bodies moving about and pushing and pulling on our strings, to remember The Light within, especially deep down in the darkness. To not be a puppet to the outer spheres but to inhabit our own sphere of light so deeply that Heaven is embodied here, on Earth. So, as I rise up I remember the One who taught me of Resurrection. I remember Yeshua. In the depths of this darkness, as I faced myself as the dark sister, as I writhed and wriggled in the blindness, I felt His hand, His wing. The Son, calling His Bride home. I choose to end this story of suffering, for there was Yeshua who came to bring a New Covenant, one where the suffering and “sin” (missing our mark) of humanity is overcome. Venus is like the Feminine Sun. Her life, her death, rebirth and all a reflection of and in accordance with her rotation around the Sun. Through all of this amazing story, allegory, myth and legend. I remember my Ancestor Yeshua, my Ancestor Mary Magdalene, and My Point of Origin. MY ROOT. The stories all connect, and I choose to align with what feels like a soul lineage between these two Beloveds.

Divine Rescue & The Collective Dark Night of The Soul

Much like the seed may feel it is dying before it sprouts up to see the light, there is a moment of darkness for humanity at this time, as we are cracking open to a new way of being with ourselves and each other. Just like Venus low the horizon, just about to rise up. When Venus was stationed almost perfectly still at one point in retrograde, it was within the 10th and 11th degree of Scorpio. The two Sabian symbols for this are so interesting to me. The 10th degree is about Breaking Bread and sharing a meal, to me, representing the Last Supper before the death of Yeshua. A time to gather in joy and communion, share a meal even though times may be tough. This is not just a sabian symbol in the cosmos but truly a tradition of this soul lineage that I value and deeply respect. Communion. Breaking Bread. Making Peace. Taking a meal as ceremony with another. God is there, beneath it all, in every single bite and each molecule in our site and beyond.

The 11th degree is A Drowning Man Being Rescued. This is fascinating and why I chose the photo I did for this post. When we are beneath the surface, what will we grab for in an attempt to be rescued from what feels like drowning? Can we draw from our roots and pull ourselves up? Perhaps, but for me, it has been constant prayer and continually taking the hand of My Creator. Calling Yeshua into the garden with me, to take my hand and walk by my side so I do not slip back into the ravine. The thing about Yeshua and being rescued is this: I am not praying to be saved, it’s not like that. I know that “Jesus Saves” but what that really means to me is “Am I willing to let go of my life so I can have open hands to receive Divine Assistance?” I am not “begging” for a savior, no. It is a humble prayer with open hands and an open heart, this is how we are “saved” or “rescued”, we are the ones who must release, ask and RECEIVE the help. So, take responsibility. Help is at hand, if you can be ready and accept it. The love of Christ is always there, we are all in His heart, Her heart.

The collective dark night is now turning to dawn. I know you have been through it. So have I. I’m still in it, we all are “in it'“ with something to a certain degree. Working through the resistance, discovering roots, honoring origin, and coming out on the other side a little roughed up but shining bright like the Morning Star. As we enter November, and enter this dark season, just know that there is a light at the end of this tunnel and it is shining on you. Look to the horizon and find Venus shining beside her Beloved, The Sun. Make sure to wake up early enough to take time for yourself, a catch a site of this succulent star light. Go to bed early enough and be rested for these times ahead. We are not out of the forest yet, but at least we have our Morning Star, our Feminine Sun to give us a glimmer of hope and glory in these times of great change and indeed, the Feminine Rising. This light is your light. Even way deep down, those roots receive light too, that they have taken in from the stalks and branches. So let your eyes receive the light and let it run down deep into your roots and nourish your ancestors, too. It was because of them, and these cherished seeds planted that you are even here. I hope this portal of the Underworld has served you well.

Welcome back home, to you, to truth, to roots. 🌱

In Wild Love,

Shellie Marie


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Yeshua. Take His Hand. Walk on the water.  <3    Artist Unknown.

Yeshua. Take His Hand. Walk on the water. <3

Artist Unknown.