Way Down She Goes 🍂

Do you know the ancient Sumerian story of Inanna? It is quite the tale, and today is the day to tell it. For I am witnessing this ancient tale play out for all to see. It is also the story of our beloved Evening/Morning Star, Venus. Venus does a beautiful dance in the sky and the sun, descending below the horizon, invisible to our sight, “into the underworld”. This journey into the underworld is what interests me, her re-appearance as the Morning Star being the highlight. With all of the super intense sexual tension coming up in the collective around trauma and story (he said, she said) we have to also look at what this Venusian story truly represents for us at this time. As Venus descends below the horizon, the archetype of Shadow/Dark Feminine is apparent. The collective feminine is uprising in their rage, pain, grief and mourning. The time is now to heal the past. The time is now to heal ourselves, honoring our process fully and truly releasing it so we can CHANGE THE STORY for ourselves, begin anew, and pave a new path for the generations to come. This time falls perfectly for me, as I have somehow perfectly placed myself in a powerful position to do some very deep and effective healing work, preparing myself for the next phase of my existence.

How are you going to utilize this reflective time of autumn, a descent downward, inward and into the subtle realms?

Venus sure does like to show off. She is SUCH a drama queen (of the heavens, that is)! Check out her pattern in the sky (it’s the main image for this article) It sure is a beautiful flower, each petal a portal. If you want to read all about Venus and how her story relates to all of the ancient myths, you can click here and here. (I do not know or promote any of the people in these postings, they just happened to be the easiest to understand in my google searches). If you want to check out my facebook LIVE video where I tell the story and offer my insights click here.

In this story, I also see the correlation in the story of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, and will post more about that in my next blog. Thanks for staying tuned. My interpretation of this phase in life is below. I hope you enjoy and can relate. Put it into inner action!

Major Themes as Venus (The Feminine) Descends and Rises Again:

Letting Go Of The Past

I know, it’s hard. It can also be so f*cking liberating. We are all always in a simultaneous process of letting it in and letting it go. The things I am currently letting go of, my small self doesn’t want to. I thought I had it all perfect. I led myself on to believe I did, and then things seemed to disintegrate like sand falling between my fingers. This time of Autumn is about releasing, letting what is dead be dead and done, giving it a proper burial and memorial, and then moving forward in life. In the story of Inanna, she must leave something important to her at every “gate” she passes in her descent below, she arrives stripped bare and bowed low, naked. This is how I choose to approach My Maker, who is also present down there, deep in the shadows of the “beneath”. God is there, in the darkness. God is there, within YOU, as you confront yourself, messy and naked. We must let go of that which is already gone. I can tell you from direct present moment experience that this part of the process is NOT MY FAVORITE. No, not at all. But, it may just be the most potent part of this medicinal remedy concocted of time and space.

Letting Go Of Control

Yep. Another challenging one. What fun we are having, letting go of the past AND control of our future! Yay, bring on the self growth (with ease and grace, thank you)! All joking aside, this is really a big one. We have no idea what is on the other side of any door, or experience, in life. We can make the best choices in the moment, only to realize in hindsight maybe they were the “harder” or even “hardest” version of our best choice. We deal with consequences and have to keep breathing and beating our drum. Once things are set in motion all we can do is watch the show. Let go of the wheel and ask Holy Spirit to take over. You are only seeing a fraction of the picture. TRUST IS KEY HERE. Letting go and doing your best to allow WHAT IS to be accepted, and what is not in your control to simply be. A practice we must be patient with throughout life as a whole.

Finding YOURSELF At the Center

Yes, Venus does a beautiful dance, and yes, we dance with our shadow as well. But what is the common denominator in every single spec and second of our lives? OURSELVES. No one else. We come into this world alone (if we are blessed with a bunch of folks that love us waiting to uplift us upon earth-side arrival) and we die alone (if we lived our lives right then we have a bunch of people that love us uplifting us as we exit earth side and venture into the Great Mystery). So maybe we aren’t totally alone, but we are the only ones coming out of the birth canal or exiting our bodies, when those moments are dissected fully. We come into (and leave) these skins, our minds and bones with just US. So unique! There can be many within this One, many aspects to our personality and many ways we learn to BE. We relate to the world around us yet in the end and in reality we are fully responsible for ourselves and how we choose to make our moment. This COULD be a very challenging time, OR we could allow the challenge to be like a fuel. It propels us even CLOSER to our TRUTH AT THE CENTER. WHO WE REALLY ARE, IT IS TIME TO REMEMBER! Get so close to yourself. Get really deep down in there and cuddle and snuggle the shit out your fears and foibles. Smell it, taste it. Successes, failures, arising and falling. Feel it. Cry yourself towards your sweet center. Let the tears take you HOME. Welcome HOME. Yes, that soft and squishy place free from walls, desires and avoidances. There. There you are. Now, now. Like a gentle mother cradling you, be at rest in this center. Be at peace in this center. Be The Center.

It is safe to be YOUR TRUE SELF.

Changing the Story… Even if it is Ancient and All you have ever Known……

Ah, we think we know how it went and we think we may even know how it will go. In Landmark they reminded us that there are two circles to every story: WHAT HAPPENED, and WHAT DID YOU MAKE IT MEAN ABOUT YOU. This is powerful. One of the most powerful teachings I have ever received, actually. WHAT HAPPENED? We broke up. WHAT DID I MAKE IT MEAN? That I totally fucked up and lost the love of my life? Oh wait! No, that’s not what happened. What happened was, we ended our intimate partnership. What does that mean about me? NOTHING. It means I am still me without that particular partner. It doesn’t mean I fucked up. It doesn’t mean I lost anything. It doesn’t mean anything about me. I could make up a million stories about what it could mean about but you know what? How exhausting! PLUS it’s NOT always ABOUT ME! It is what it is. Change the story. Maybe you were sexually assaulted, as many women in this day and age are and have been for centuries. What happened? ‘I was assaulted’. What did I make it mean? ‘I am worthless and deserve more abuse because I don’t know anything else’. OR, ‘Someone acted violently toward me, it effected me the way it did, and I am healed or still healing from it. I am still worthy of love and respect. This does not mean anything about me” Do you see the difference?The way we choose to move forward from an experience is UP TO US. When the perpetrator is gone, WE have to be the one to help ourselves move forward, we cannot continue to give power to the ones that harm us, by ignoring our best interest out of apathy or despair. I know that I do not understand any one else or their pain and trauma, but I DO know that we are all capable of healing if we are still alive to do so. Horrible things happen in this world and miracle stories and true heroic acts often come out of those horrific stories. In the Bible is says that God works ALL things for His purpose. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose’ Romans 8:28. I know that really bad things happen for NO reason, and still, the Holy Spirit can redeem even the deepest sorrows and turn them into the most amazing blessings and sources of joy! I trust this process, and invite you to do the same.

Final Notes:

So maybe we are in the muck. Maybe we are in the darkness. Yet, the Lotus forges forth from the murky mud and sprouts a brilliant pink bloom, and the tiniest little seed trusts the darkness to fertilize it and prepare it for breaking open to the LIGHT! Venus is sometimes the evening star, then way down she goes, and arises again as the Morning Star. The Feminine Christ. The Resurrected One. We all have these archetypes within us. In our bones, ancient stories. As we breathe each breath we get to choose now how to work with this story, this energy, and CHOOSE HOW WE EMERGE. Will you spiral down into the darkness? Or will you call for help in the dark of night and trust Your Maker will not let you drown, but fashion you a boat to sail these stormy seas? After all, Yeshua walked on water and raised up from being dead. He rose. She rose, and rises still.

We arise together.

Will you let yourself be lifted?

Will you uplift others along the way?

I love you so much xo

Shellie Marie 🧜🏼‍♀️

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A beautiful dance, indeed <3

A beautiful dance, indeed <3