Waxing Moon Vibes Got Me Like... πŸŒœπŸŒ•πŸŒ›

In case you didn't know about all of the crazy moon stuff coming up, let me give you the download, plus a brief note on why I've been laying low.

On January 31st, 2018 we will experience a very special moon: A Super Full Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Um, it's kind of a big deal. Hasn't happened quite like this before and won't again for a good long while. I'm paying attention and choosing to use thing thang to shine some light on unclear areas of my life.

This is a not only a Full Moon , but also a Super Moon (closer to the earth than usual); it's also a Blood Moon (a visible red hue caused by the eclipse light spectrum), AND also a Blue Moon (the second full moon in one month), topped with a Total Lunar Eclipse (the beginning of a new eclipse cycle. Whew! Some special super moon indeed. I am certain it's got enough credentials to officially and professionally illuminate some very legit shit that we will be forced to face and finally deal with. Ready? Buckle up, buttercup.

Have you been feeling the chaos? It feels like it's all around, and if I don't step back and just observe the show, I'll get swept away quickly this current of social compliance. Is it just me, or are you also witnessing a crumbling of faulty structures all around you!? It feels like my life has been in demolition mode, but in a good way. Things that just were not working are simply no longer an option. The old ways now unworkable, but the Ancient ways a reminder, pointing towards present truths. If you can relate to me, then maybe you have also been feeling like there is something really powerful and potent just around the corner. I have sensed an essence of REAL change, an undercurrent not many have identified. Some have lost hope, as they watch the news. Others rally, to oppose different views. Some have died, sick from the man-forged flu, as the rest of us defend the right to have the freedom to choose. That rhymed. Spontaneous creativity is a MUST if we want to thrive through these tougher times!

Hone in and get detailed as this full moon is coming. The light will illuminate every little speck. Be ready to witness each, minuscule moment these energies bring. When it starts to feel heavy remember to dance and sing, pray and make art and go ahead and get that start, even if it's late or a bit messy. It's all out in the open to be seen, so clean up what needs to be completed and courageously venture into the unknown! Let go of that thing that has been the one thing you just didn't want to release because you have already let go of so many things....yes, that thing! LET. THAT. ISH GO. If it's really yours, it will return.

It's time to take care of all the un-fun business we have been avoiding, as eclipses always bring the hidden gems to center stage. Let these pieces of the soul simply return. As they show up, a bit battered and broken from all of the times we have shunned them and shut them out, embrace these pieces as they are, imperfect in every way. We are not immaculate...not yet, but still unequivocally beautiful. We are still witnessing duality in all of its depth. Once we have seen the fullness of our Being, duality will fade into itself, but in the meantime, we simply embrace each part. Like a mother to a little one, we just hold a loving space for the process. This Remembering, This Returning, This EMBRACE... is the true illumination this astrological alignment brings. Be The Light, and love all of the parts of you that are NOT light, and let them come warm themselves by the fire, too.

We have come a long way and we have still, a long way to go. If your light starts to dim, rest well and rejuvenate your glow. Shining begins on the inside and requires quite a bit of courage. As we continue to venture into these uncharted territories of the NOW, let us remember the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Compassion can be kind and it can also be ruthless, both at the same time from a loving place. Time to level up our lifestyles to help us become the Ones who make the changes!

I have been quite the hermit this fall and winter. I am allowing myself to take some space from the hustle and bustle of all the curiosities and creations I was pumping out in my life and take inventory. I am looking at what I really want to offer and making space for THAT in my life. Writing is one of those things. I’m decent at it, and one day, feel like it will make me rich. I also know I have a lot of BS to clear from these pipes before my voice is heard by the masses, so thanks for being here to catch my flow in the beginning of what I think I know. I am humbled, right now, to all of the experiences I have had in my life, especially around performance, travel and psychedelics as religious and spiritual pursuits, and to sexuality as the teacher that it has been in the realms of dark and light. I am coming now more into a place of integration and balance, and to me, this big ass Full Moon that will give us a sparkling show this week is just the moon I’ve been waiting for. I have been nothing and many things. I have felt a lot of purpose in this life, and also at times none. In this moment, I simply AM, as I see all parts of me and let them all come back together.

As this moon Waxes to the ON position, let us also acknowledge our growing, our becoming, towards the Fullness of our own light. It says in the scriptures β€œFor nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” Luke 8:17. If there is a gift within us hiding, God will shine Her love for us and help us to see it for ourselves. No secrets. We are already everything we will become, we are just getting to know ourselves better by the moment. Let the light of Divine Love fill you up all the time. It’s always there, just ask to receive it, and so it shall be. Wax ON!