93 Days Grain Free

I dedicated 93 days of my life to being grain free. That means no grains at all. No rice, wheat, corn, rye, barley, buckwheat, sorghum, teff, millet, oats, kamut or spelt. The results? I lost 16 pounds. I am less inflamed. I ate less junk and made better food choices overall. I am getting clearer in my mental, emotional and spiritual world. I have better skin and brighter eyes. I am able to control my sweets intake more. I feel much healthier and in charge of my life!

I did hop off the wagon for a week; after over three months of no grains I allowed myself a week of eating whatever I wanted. First things first, authentic Mexican cuisine! I was missing tacos and corn chips the most. I had an amazing meal at Manuel's in downtown Austin. The best Mole Enchiladas ever! Plus some chips and salsa, delightful civiché, and venison chorizo potatoe and corn cakes. So worth it! Later in the week I took the liberty of eating pizza (not worth it), gluten free pancakes (sort of worth it), popcorn (worth it), sushi (totally worth it) and tacos from the infamous Taco Deli here in ATX. One of the reasons I love Austin is the Mexican food, so going grain free has been a little hard for that reason alone.

Overall, I felt decent after eating the grains but gained back two pounds and could see the little food baby in my belly after eating them. I have chosen to continue with my grain free lifestyle and coach others who want to give this a try. 90 Days really makes a difference! Even my mom has been grain free for two weeks now :) If we can do it, anyone can.

Meal planning and prepping is the key! Stay hydrated and have grain frew snacks handy. Premake lunches and dinners, and have easy foods on hand to satisfy hanger (hunger & anger mixed - watch out)! Apples and peanut butter was my quick fix. I also start every day with with a nutrient dense smoothie and guayusa tea. That keeps me alert and fresh, and doesn't drag me down in the middle of the day like coffee and bagels used to.

Going grain free has helped me recover from adrenal fatigue and chronic pain. I also released my daily coffee drinking habit which also helped reduced pain and inflammation. I also quit using Marijuana and don't plan on returning to that habit. I love and appreciate grains, coffee and weed, and even the trio of these substances together is a nice treat but frequent use was destroying my adrenal glands, depleting my energy, dampening my dreams, hindering my focus and creating an emotional roller coaster for my brain. I also realized I was numbing myself from a lot that really needed to come to the surface. Grain free has been the start of a more integrated life of integrity, focus, health, wellbeing, stability, creativity, authentic sexuality, mental clarity and overall awesomeness!!!

I am choosing to stay grain free and will allow myself a cheat week a few times a year. This, for me, feels balanced. To each their own!

If you are feeling the call to jump off the Grain Train I am happy to help you. Connect with me via ShellieWhiteLight@gmail.com and use subject line Grain Free Consult for a free 15 minute chat to see if grain free is a fit for you. I love helping people reach their best version of themselves, and this has been a big personal step for me ♡

My before and after photos. I also used a certain workout to help build muscle and tone. Email me for more info on that! ShellieWhiteLight@gmail.con

A sample of one of the many delightful meals I ate. Lots of greens, fish, sweet potatoes, salads, fruits, smoothies, etc.

This was one of my favorite breakfasts. A paleo tortilla I made myself, with homemade sour krout, avocado and two fried eggs. Super yum! The grain free tortilla totally saved me when I needed that carb-y bread like fix. No bloating! :)

My name is Shellie White Light and I help women engage in a conscious lifestyle that brings them joy and vitality. I offer coaching in the areas of food, fitness and nutrition, travel and a free spirited lifeatyle, sacred sexuality and intimacy, and creating a life based around your passion and purpose ♡ Call or email for a free consultation!