In Bed With Bread {60 Days of Grain Free Living}

Intro - Day One

I love bread. Bread loves me. Bread loves up on my belly, thighs, arms and butt like it’s his job. Bread caresses me when I’m feeling lonely, and picks me up when I’m feeling down. Bread has always been there for me, and always will be. I love bread....a little too much. I love bread so much, but I couldn’t stop with just having bread as a lover. Bread has all of these tantalizing cousins to get sticky with. The sweetness of Apple Fritters and the buttery goodness of a croissant have soothed my soul on many occasions. Bread didn’t even care, and just watched and whispered “Go ahead, I know you’ll still want me. Maybe now more than ever. Enjoy. I know you’ll be back.” I don’t care how elusive and flakey my darling croissant has been, he’s still my favorite. Maybe it’s the accent. I’ve been in bed with bread (and friends) for a very....long.... time. 

Since I was a child I’ve found comfort and solace knowing I could get a hot piece of bread any ole time. I know it seems young to get hooked, but it was love at first bite. Bread just lays around waiting for me to devour it in any given moment, not necessarily with rhyme or reason. Bread and I have enjoyed many random quickies and plenty of long, lavish meals together. I’ve been with bread and the whole wheat family. I’ve rolled around with all of the grains and really gotten with gluten in a pretty promiscuous way. I must change my wicked ways, or bread with have it’s way with me again and again, I’ll keep crawling back, I’ll loose control and then.... 

The guilt, the cravings, the mood swings, the bloating, the aches and pain, the inflammation, the foggy brain and weight gain. It’s all such a big price to pay.
It’s no longer worth it! This love affair is not healthy. 

I’m sick of opening my mouth to bread for a late night booty call. All bread has ever wanted to do is get inside me, make me sick, and then I feel like a loser for getting in bed with bread once more. I know bread doesn’t really love me! I also know I don’t really love bread. It’s my candida that actually feeds on the sugary sticky stuff that bread leaves me inside me. And do you know what bread babies look like? A fat and dimpled ass, that’s what. F#@& bread! That’s right! You heard me. I AM BREAKING UP WITH BREAD. As for you Gluten, you can go back to the bloated hell from which you came!
You yummy pastries can go stick you sweetness somewhere else! I’M THROUGH!

For all the ladies (and gents) out there who have been in an unhealthy relationship with bread, I feel you my party people! It’s been one hell of wild and delicious ride, but this is my stop. If you would like to join me in this mass break up with bread, I have a support group on facebook that will be very helpful when you get that late night desire to toast and butter that bad boy. Just say ‘No!’ You really have to tell yourself that ‘No’ means ‘No’, and that’s that. The cravings will pass, and so will the excess weight, mood swings, joint pain, forgetfulness, sugar crashes and low energy levels. I am choosing a healthier path, and it might not feel easy at first, or ever. But I have been convicted by Great Spirit to improve my body temple in the holiest ways, and to eat food closer to the earth. I am listening to this calling, and trusting it will greatly enhance my quality of life and ability to serve humanity.

The big questions is....Who to love instead of bread? There are so many FRESH and CLEAN lovers out there! Not that dirty, good for no nutrition bread. Ugh, I can’t believe I literally bought into breads BS for so long! He never cared about my health and wellbeing, only satisfying my cravings to be filled up. This was so temporary and unfulfilling. I forgive myself (and bread) and will focus from now on only on food friends that truly nourish me. There may be times when I feel like there is gaping hole where bread and I used to live together. When I feel that emptiness, I’ll realize that its actually my small intestine clearing out the glue and gunk that bread left behind. The emptiness is good. The absence of bread will open up a new space for healing foods friends to repair any damage. Ahhhhh.....deep breath in, and out. A sigh of relief! 

From now on when I choose a food friend it’s going to be one I know will nourish me and support my goals and dreams. Being on stage as a physique competitor before having children is one of those goals. I am about ten pounds of fat and 7 months of workouts away from that goal, so there will have to be some sacrifice, which I am happy to give. At first it will be hard, because bread is sooooo easy. It’s right there, ready and waiting for you to put something on it and shove it in. But no, I will not be led astray by such connivence. I have some strategies I will share here now.

How To Be Successful in Breaking Up With Bread:
  1. Don’t buy it! (Stay tuned for a grocery list on Day 2). 
  2. Meal PLAN (Day 3 is all about this amazing art).
  3. Meal PREP! (Don’t get hangry, Day 4 reveals all).
  4. Get another lover! (Bread substitutes coming on Day 5).
  5. Focus on THE RESULTS you want! (Day 6 is how to make a vision board to remind you daily of the reality you are creating.)

I hope this article inspires you to be a healthier, happier, holier version of you. You are PERFECT just as you are, and we are always in the making, be molded daily by The Creator. “Give us this day our daily....salad!” will be my new motto! Let me know how I can help you on your OWN life journey. I am here, and doing the work. I am here to HELP YOU do the work, too! One step at a time. To schedule a LifeStyle Consultation with me email me here. In the mean time, whether you’re in bed with bread or finally getting out, you’re exactly where you need to be, so simply love yourself
Thanks for reading!

As One,
Shellie White Light
LifeStyle Consultant & Muse

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