Book of the Month for August ~ The Red Tent

Welcome to Shellie White Light's Book of the Month Review

August Book Feature:

The Red Tent
by Anita Diamant

I read this amazing book in less than a week. I reveled in it. I cried with it. I felt it's truths and understood Dinah's struggle. I was there with her, the only daughter of Jacob, resilient in a man's world.  Basically, in the Old Testament there is brief mention of Dinah, and the story of her rape is slightly mysterious. This novel that is fictional, but based on this historical setting, ploughs deep into the feminine realms of ritual, rite and community around a woman's first blood. Ceremonies and sacraments that have been lost, but in the telling of this story, are found again. Have a listen to my short video review and grab a copy for yourself. It's worth the read. Also, if you feel moved, find a Red Tent Sisterhood or Gathering in your region. Gathering with women simply because you are all women is very powerful! Sister support is crucial! 
Thanks for reading and watching, and I look forward to sharing next months book with you. It is so good! Stay tuned.....