Once in A Blue Moon.....

There is a fantastically rare Full Moon on Friday. This Moon is Blue, which means it's the second one in one month. Last time it happened was in 2012 and won't be blue again until 2018. I always like a rare and potent moment in the cosmos, don't you?

Once in lifetime certain opportunities come along. For some, it's a lucky lotto ticket. For others, a chance to strike fame. For everyone there is only one. It's that one chance you either take or you don't, and either way, you remember it. In the stars it shows that there is an opportunity of the nature amongst us NOW. For me, it's quite clear. I am fishing up my final draft of my first book proposal ever, and submitting it to the Transformational Author Writing Contest on the SAME DAY as the Full Blue Moon on Friday the 31st.  I feel like I have a good chance of winning one of the choice prizes and I am holding that vision. I am also totally unattached to the outcome and feeling like I am #winning already, simply because I am finally writing the book and steadfastly on the path.

Oh, my book is called 'Make Love to God: Arousing the Connection to Your Wild Heart, Ecstatic Spirit and Perfect Purpose'. I think it sounds awesome, of course I'm a little biased. 
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What is your once in a lifetime chance that is happening as we breathe this breath? Can you even see it? It may be very subtle, and require a closer look or deeper listen. Whatever it is, embrace it and say 'YES' to the 'YUM' :)!

Here is a really amazing Blue Moon Blurb from Sianna Sherman (amazing yoga priestess chick):

This upcoming full moon in Aquarius holds 3 major impacts:

1) Blue Moon – the 2nd full moon of July. The last one was Aug. 31, 2012

2) Guru Purnima – the full moon to celebrate the transmissions of our teachers

3) Lunar Lammas – the full moon to celebrate the 1st harvest 

There’s a tremendous amount of energy building throughout the week and we may find ourselves in review of the past 3 years. It’s like being on the edge of a precipice of massive change and wanting to take a leap of trust into the Universe. We are in major karmic review and at the same time, we might feel an immense urge to go for it, get out of our comfort zones, take a chance and toss ourselves fully into our visionary dreams. No doubt, it’s going to bring up fear, resistance and denial, yet the longing for truth and love is much greater than the limiting forces.

Remember to practice. Soften within and listen to your heart. Get together with your heart tribe to sing, dance, chant, and meditate. Be outside in rhythm with nature and welcome the intensity of the surging life within you.

Thanks to Sianna for such insight! :)

That's quite an impressive moon! Keep your prayers strong and give all of your gripes to the Highest Source of Love that exists. This is our chance to really breakthrough. I believe in myself, and I believe in you. I believe in your believing in yourself, most importantly, and that is why my career is shifting towards Life Empowerment Coaching. Whether it's mind set, motivation, inspiration, sexuality, body image or positivity coaching - it's all about you believing in yourself, loving yourself, and being your own best friend! This Full Moon Blue Moon, I choose to attract three new coaching clients so I am offering a 75% discount on my 6 Week Life Empowerment Package. Includes 6 private weekly sessions, techniques for transformations and lots of yummy homework and followups. I'm really fun to hang with and love to inspire people, so if this appeals to you let's schedule a free consult here, and just put in the Subject Line: "Yes to Life Empowerment!" :)

 My prayer for you this Blue Moon is simple. LIVE WHILE YOUR ALIVE! Tilt back your head and hooooooooooooooowl in wild wonder. Why not? THIS LIFE is only once in a lifetime. I hope we all really get that. That was what propelled me around the world without and address for 5 years straight. This is my only life. Not a dress rehearsal. Once in a Blue Moon comes a life like this. Make it your own, and then give it up to God. All of my love.........