A Return to My Roots

I sit on the wooden wrap around deck, under the shade of the gazebo, gazing upon the shimmering water, light dancing and reflecting infinitely across the vast ocean. The waves rhythmically crash against the shore only to slip away; pushing and pulling, inhaling and exhaling, ebbing and flowing. The cycles of nature reveal themselves all the more clearly as I observe and silently witness the wonders around me. Tides change. Children grow. Bird eggs hatch. Fish feed. The sun sets, only to rise again.  The winds are always changing, sometimes without warning, other times so softly....
you hardly notice. 

I am officially 'in my thirties', and this has brought about some deep reflection and self inquisition. 
What am I here to offer the world? How can my life benefit the lives of others?
How can I use my gifts and talents to shed light in a seemingly very dark world?
These questions have given rise to an answer that has been a long time coming.




So, as I sit here listening to birds chirp, children squeal, waves wash and wind rustle the palms....

I write.

I have been here many times before. Edisto Beach has been our family retreat for 28 years now. 
I've been coming here with my mother since I was two. This year is the first year we are here without my sweet Grandmother, My Nonnie. She passed into the Angelic Realms last November, two weeks before her 94th birthday. She is here with us, but this time in Spirit. I celebrate here life, and even brought photos of her when she was a young woman and young girl, to honor her spirit as eternally youthful and tangible. Without her here, I feel the reality of 'getting older'. I feel the reality of innocence lost. I feel the reality that now I am a woman, no longer just a girl, with a responsibility to tell my story as it unfolds, along with the wisdom and reflections it brings me. When I am 94, I want my granddaughter to be able to hold in her hands the Book of My Life, a book the represents the life of a girl turning woman at the turn of the 21st century, a book that represents the life of many women as we step into a world that is beckoning and banishing us at the same time. A world that needs our light NOW more than ever. If it is in my highest calling, when I am 94 I want to be sitting right here, with this view, working the same magic I am working now....Storytelling.

Edisto Island was named after the Edisto Indian Tribe that lived and prospered here until the early 1700's. I have visited their burial sites, and places where relics lie. I have  researched what I can of them, only to find dead ends and some simple  imagery of hunter/gatherer basket weavers. I feel deeply connected to this tribe, so much that perhaps I had a life once as one of them in the 1500's. 500 years later I sit on the same sand, telling a different story. Perhaps I was a Twisted Hair, one who orally passed on stories, teachings and ways of life. Perhaps I was just The Observer; a part of the whole but not manifest in body. Either way, this island, this shore, this tradition....is my home. 
Being here is a Return to My Roots.
Being here means I am stripped down to the core of who I am, who I want to be, where I have been and where I am going.
Being here in the Deep South, the source of my lineage for hundreds of years and back countless generations gets me in a place of raw creation. The words pour forth, the juju gets stronger.
This is the perfect time to write from the depths of my bones.
This is my time to tell my story.

Do you have a story to tell?
Do you you have a message to bring forth?
Are you ready?!

 It's like having a baby. You become pregnant and make announcements and prepare, but really when it comes down to it you are never prepared for the surprises and emotions, the situations and predicaments. There are moments you want to give up and give in but you simply can't. 
There is no other mother for your baby.
There is no other mother for your story!

We are literally the ones we have been waiting for. We are waiting on a savior, a redeemer, the perfect president, the perfect laws and agreements, the end to war, the beginning of peace....
We are waiting on angels to swoop in and save us from the mire we are wading in without direction.
But truly, in reality, the compass is within us! 
Out story is the answer, our past are the clues and our futures the new way forward. 
We are waiting, but are we willing?

As I sit here, watching my 2.5 year old nephew being read a story by his mother who is freshly pregnant with her second child....I realize the responsibility I have. I must birth this book for all of the women who need hope, not for themselves but for their children. I have the responsibility to birth this book before I birth a baby, so that I can give this story and message the same type of attention I would give my own child. This message is equally as important to me as the conception of a child. I will nurture, prepare, pray, provide for and purposefully place each word into this carefully crafted creation so that millions of women world wide will absolutely benefit from this book being birthed.

I remember.
Because I am blessed to remember I am being called forth to speak.
There is a truth that exists inside of us that resonates when we see the colors of the rising sun or the sparkle on the ocean surface. Something is ignited when we witness a baby born or feel the wind on our face on a mountain top. This truth is one we can't quite put on our finger on, but we can point to it. My prayer is that my words will point to this truth in a unique way for each reader. May different aspects of my story touch a special spot on each heart, and make a positive change.

Thank you for your love and support now and always!
Let me know how I can best LOVE and SUPPORT YOU! 
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From Roots to Fruits,
Shellie White Light