The Write Time

Today is a very big day for me. Not only have I begun to type this blog, but I have finally begun to type my book. I have been 'writing' my book for what feels like years. What I mean by writing my book is I have been LIVING the story and keeping detailed journals, blogs and face Creating the content. Feeling the creative cauldron bubbling. There is so much to share! Travels. Lifestyle choices. Sexuality. Dance. Love. Play. PASSION!!!!
It's all there. Just waiting to pour forth.......

I decided to enter a writing contest. It's called the Transformation Author Contest. At first, I thought I wasn't going to enter. "I'll do it next year", I said to myself. Then, the contest host mentions she's been doing this 5 years and is 'retiring' this contest next year. Shit. There is no 'next year'.

Decision time.  This is conversation that happened in my mind.....
"I want to do this" > "It costs too much, you can't afford it" > "I don't need help" > "Shit. I really want to do this." > "Can't afford it, got bills and a home now to pay for." > "Just do this, Shellie" > 
"I can't" > "I wish I could, but right now I can't, but I really wish I could."

And then, the deadline came and went to enter, and I didn't. Sad face. Very. Sad. Face.

About a week went by and I kept thinking about it, feeling 

BUT THEN ALAS! Christine Closer (the hostess of the Transformation Writers Contest) decides to add an additional random course after the program closed and RE-OPENED the doors for TWO DAYS.......

Gasp! I will find a way! LET'S F*$%King DO THIS!!!! 

I put it out there on Facebook that I wanted to enter and would be more than happy to offer my services (Human Design Readings, Massage, Hoop/Breath/One-on-One Coaching) to generate some quick cash for the entry that is tomorrow night at midnight.  The results brought tears to my eyes!
I love my TRIBE so MUCH! They have helped me raise the funds to enter the contest! 

It's a minimum of $297 to enter this contest, with $997 being the vip style entry to afford you 6 months of professional coaching and a "Get Your Book Done" home study course. I am so grateful to my FaceBook community for helping me get there! So far I definitely have enough to enter at base level. If the remainder $997 rolls in to help me with achieving this goal with professional support, well, pin a rose on my nose and watch me dance the happiest jig of all! <3 I am feeling very blessed and grateful to have this opportunity, and mostly, to have the support of so many angels out there.

Today, as Mercury goes direct and finally out of retrograde for the time being, EVERYTHING feels in alignment. More so than ever before. I have been procrastinating on writing this book for years, and now..... IT'S TIME! I am glad I waited though because now ALL of my World Travels will be featured....Hawaii, Australia, Peru, Bali and my travels across the country and back. Plus, everything I've learned up till turning 30. I have learned A LOT in these short and adventure packed 30 years! 

This book is not just about my travels. It's about how to live an illuminated life! A life of adventure no matter your physical location, a life of passion no matter your day job, a life of sensuality regardless of relationship status, a life of fitness no matter your body type, a life of LIGHT and JOY and SATISFACTION! It's about the mental state it takes to truly live an illuminated life, a life that inspires the light in others. 

Sound good?! Then please SHARE this BLOG because from what I have researched I need a HUGE platform for the publishers to consider me. In the next 6 weeks not only do I need to write an award winning book, I need to increase my platform by a few thousand followers. So please, if you have ever been inspired by me then share share share my blog, my facebook pages, whatever floats your boat! I just gotta get out there, ya'll! <3 

THANK YOU. Thank you for reading this because I know that if you are reading this then you will for sure be stoked to read my book(s), which makes me want to hug and kiss you!! 
Haha, just kidding. 
Sort of ;)

If you are inspired to donate to my 'Shellie Is Finally F*$#*!G Writing Her Book' Fund then please send any amount of donation to via PayPal gift. It takes a lot to write and publish a book and whether or not I win this contest....I am writing this God Blessed Beautiful Book that has been pushing it's way through my womb for years! With you all as my witness.....

HERE WE GO!!!! <3 :)

And it begins. 
I love you all more than you will ever know.
Here's to the pursuit of a NY Times & International Best-Seller, and to a book that changes the lives of millions.....

Shellie White Light

PS: Again, if you are inspired to donate to this cause I am honored to provide one of my many valuable services to you at a discounted price! (Massage ~ Human Design Readings ~ One-on-One Coaching Sessions ~ Hoop Lessons ~ Breath Work Session) Can deliver all services except for massage via skype or phone! <3 Make donations to via a PayPal gift :)