The Gifts That Death Bring Us

My grandfather died today. My father's father. His name was David Franklin White, Jr. This morning he woke up in his body, but by the end of the day, he had reached the end of his life.
I trust that my grandfather is with the ones he loved most, and that in this moment that he is being given the greatest gift of his life: Union with The Divine.

As I was brushing my teeth and flossing my gums, I thought to myself how much my grandfather must have loved my grandmother to create six kids with her, in turn creating a bunch of grandchildren. This is where my body comes in to the picture. As I went through my evening oral hygiene ritual, I gave thanks for my body, and all of the bodies that it took for me to have one. Death reminds us that we are still alive, breathing and with body! This is a very special gift.

Death gives us the gift of memories. There is something symbolic in this regarding my grandfather because his physical mind was gone and he had lost his memories. By the end of his life he barely knew his wife of 60 years. In that moment when I was brushing my teeth I thought about how inspired I am to capture as many memories as I can in this life; through words spoken, poems, storytelling, video, book writing, this blog and photos. Memories help us to relate, and shape our perspective of the Cosmos. Memories are a beautiful aspect of humanity. In honor of my grandfathers memories made and forgotten, I am making it a part of my Path to embrace the Art of Storytelling and Remembrance.

Death brings us the gift of togetherness. My HUGE family will be gathering next week in our home state of SC to have a memorial, funeral and graveside service for his life. It has been a good long while since we all were together. Many of us have gotten married, had children, divorced, gone to rehab, etc. Life has drawn us away, but death will bring us together. I am grateful to see my family, who all are in my life and blood tribe because my grandfather and grandmother fell in love.

Death brings us to our grief. This may not sound like a gift, but if you contemplate it you will see it is actually the greatest gift of them all. Many lives are lost in this world that are not grieved. When we have the opportunity to grieve and feel deeply into this painful part of our humanness, it serves us to fully dive in. In this moment, I am in the first stage of grief, which is denial. It's normal, actually, not to feel right away. That is why we have services to honor the lives of the deceased, it is also a space to give the living a socially acceptable place to grieve. And this is why any opportunity to grieve is a gift, because our society cuts grief quite short. Bereavement leaves are rarely taken, and often we are expected to go about business as usual. In other cultures, for example the indigenous women of Australia, there is a sacred space held daily to grieve. They wake up before dawn to wail and cry while the morning star fades into the early sunlight. They believe if we hold in any grief, it hurts us. Best to get it out, and that needs to be done everyday, because there is always something in this world to grieve.  I am looking forward to my first really big cry about this. I can feel it bubbling, and I trust it will be very healing when it arises.

My grandfather's passing has given me many wonderful gifts, and this is only day one. As I continue to remember his life and tell the stories, the gifts will continue to shower me and my family. The real gift is the exchange of love. That is why we are in this life to begin with, we all came here to experience love, in all of it's infinite forms. I love my grandfather very very much, and at this time just pray for my dad, who is his first born son. I pray my father's grieving can heal him in some way, perhaps even healing our lineage multiple generations back.

More to write about my amazing ancestral lineage, but for now, I am grateful for the life of this one man who breathed his last breath today... Revered, Professor, Father, Husband, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother, Son and Friend to many... David Franklin White Junior.

Thank you for our lives! Rest in Peace <3

Thank you for our lives! Rest in Peace <3

Water is Life ~ Mni Wiconi

As my first blog on my updated website, I feel it is important to post about something timely, historical, important, though provoking, inspiring and filled with inspiration. I am on a mission in this life to help as many people as possible realize their full potential and succeed in living a life they are completely in love with. I want everyone (especially women) to see the immense beauty around them and within them. It is my purpose to ignite and inspire radical self love, earth based awareness, ritual as rite, and abundance as divine inheritance.  As a white woman born into the upper middle class of the United States of America, I have had the privilege of dedicating my life to self discovery, adventure, education, spiritual seeking, and entrepreneurial endeavors. I give thanks for my parents who provided me such strong support, a solid financial platform and the permission to fly, blossom and blaze. I give thanks to my ancestors for paving the way for me to exist in this way. I truly understand that I am blessed, favored and that it is my duty to give back even more than I have been given.

Many times in my life I have only focused on myself. Being born an only child, I got basically whatever I wanted, and have lived feeling like I can and will get whatever I want. Recently, after being in a really beautiful relationship for over three years, I began to realize it's not ALL about me. It's still about me, but not totally every minute. My beloved has children, and sometimes I have to let my desires rest for a moment to support their tender awakening. Another event recently has pulled me away from my 'self' and closer to the earth and her sacred waters. This event, which you most certainly must be aware of at this point, is the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline on the land that was treatied to the Great Sioux Nation in the 1800's. The building of this pipeline brought many things to my attention.

Number one, that our earth and our water is a very precious resource that is facing tremendous abuse from our human family. Number two, that as a white woman it is my duty to be an ally to the people who my settler ancestors displaced, stole from inflicted genocidal murder upon. Number three, in all of my privileged spiritual seeking it is very important that I always give credit where credit is due to the people and land from whom these practices came. It is not my place to step into a sweat lodge, tipi, pipe ceremony or other indigenous prayer practice without invitation and complete reverence for the lives of those that died so that these practices could be in place today. Number four, it is my job as an ally of my indigenous relatives to be a supportive presence to them now more than ever. I must put aside any guilt I feel from the harm my white ancestors put upon them and act now in solidarity with respect and honor for their struggle. Number five, that is my duty as a citizen of Mother Earth, Gaia, to be an ally to her now more than ever and release my dependency on fossil fuels as much as possible. It feels overwhelming to do consider this, when you really dive into how much of our resources are made with and brought to us by fossil fuels. Big Oil really has a hold on us as consumers. Where can we really begin? Hybrid cars, eating only local food, and investing in sustainable energy like solar and wind installed in our homes is one way. Those are big changes, and they are still baby steps.

The reason why the Lakota Nation (Oceti Sakowin) is standing so strongly with the movement happening at Standing Rock is simple and very important. WATER IS LIFE. Mni Wiconi in their native tongue, pronounced 'minn-ie witch-o-nie". The Missouri River and it's surrounding tributaries, like the Cannonball River on the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux Reservation, has been a part of their heritage, culture and life force since the beginning of their people's time on that land. This dates backs too many generations to count. On that land, that is being desecrated as I type this, lies many sacred sites, included burial grounds. Before the Army Corps of Engineers commandeered that land (even though it is treated to them), that river produced plenty of fish, drinking water, and mystical sacredly formed stones. This land has been taken from them many times in many ways, and now they say enough is ENOUGH. I stand with them. I STAND WITH STANDING ROCK! It's more than a hashtag, it's a legit movement and legal battle that will change the entire course of history one way or the other.

I made the trek to Standing Rock. I will write more about my time there in the rest of this series of articles. There is far too much to convey, factually and emotionally, in one piece. What I observed at Standing Rock changed my life, my heart, and my mission in many ways. Thousands of people, of all colors, were gathered to protect clean water. I can only imagine how challenging it must be for many of our red relatives to see white people on their land, especially when some of those white relatives are acting disrespectfully with or without knowing it. I have learned the hard way that it requires a lot of self-education and LISTENING to be able to hold space as an ally. I will write an entire blog about my experience on discovering what it means to be a totally clueless white girl on the mission to become a strong, reliable and respectful ally. But for now...

WATER IS LIFE. I love water. I say many prayers to the water daily and in ceremony. Even still, it took this event, the construction of the "Black Snake" (the pipeline) on THIS particular land to WAKE ME UP! There are millions of gallons of oils being pumped through pipelines right now. Tons of natural gas that has been fracked from the earth being transported through pipelines to heart your house, so we can have hot water and food. The earth is being raped, and the water is the life giving fluid that is being affected most. Without water, we die. WE ARE BORN OF WATER, made of water, and to water we shall return. It is absolute and vital that we do all we can do bring awareness to humanity about just how dear and precious the sacred water is to our very ability to be alive here on earth. I will be the first to admit I use water all the time without really thinking about how scarce it is for others, how dirty it is in many countries, how far away it is for some families who walk miles to retrieve it. I am so blessed to be able to turn on a faucet with a filter and drink as much clean water as I want, make tea and tonic, and take long hot showers and baths with purified, holy water. I promise to pray for the water now more than ever. Will you please make that promise, too? To pray for our relative the water, and to use her with utmost respect, reverence and gratitude.

WATER IS LIFE. The seed from which we were born traveled through water as semen, was planted into the water of the womb, and grew us into a beautiful human body made of 75% water. We drink water to sustain our cellular stability, our organ function, the suppleness of our skin, the fluidity and flow of our blood, the electrical impulses in our brain...everything in our body is dependent on water as a medium for the metabolic magic that takes place every single second. We ARE water. Therefore, if the water on the earth becomes unhealthy, we as humans become unhealthy. It is our responsibility to tend to this most sacred of elements. There is more life contained within the ocean than on the land. There is more life contained in the water of our bodies than we could ever imagine. We are the water, the water is us. The First Nations, the indigenous that lived on this land before it was settled by Europeans, knew this. They knew, acted and lived by the reality that Water is Life. Mni Wiconi.

How will you honor the water in your body? How will you use the water provided to you? How will you show gratitude to the water you drink so freely? Make every interaction with water a sacred ceremony. Commune with it as a holy being. When I was a girl, I was taught in church about The Holy Trinity as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Later in my life I adopted my own version of the Holy Trinity as the Holy Father, Holy Mother and Divine Child. From what I understand about water, it also exists in three forms, as it's own Holy Trinity. Solid, liquid, and gas. If it is true that we are created in the image of God, as God is the Holy Trinity, and we are also 75% water, then perhaps Water is God. They both exist in three forms, take all form, and are formless. We are made in the image of God, and also made of mostly water.

Water is Divine. Water is Sacred. Water is life. Water is waking us up and bringing us together!


93 Days Grain Free

I dedicated 93 days of my life to being grain free. That means no grains at all. No rice, wheat, corn, rye, barley, buckwheat, sorghum, teff, millet, oats, kamut or spelt. The results? I lost 16 pounds. I am less inflamed. I ate less junk and made better food choices overall. I am getting clearer in my mental, emotional and spiritual world. I have better skin and brighter eyes. I am able to control my sweets intake more. I feel much healthier and in charge of my life!

I did hop off the wagon for a week; after over three months of no grains I allowed myself a week of eating whatever I wanted. First things first, authentic Mexican cuisine! I was missing tacos and corn chips the most. I had an amazing meal at Manuel's in downtown Austin. The best Mole Enchiladas ever! Plus some chips and salsa, delightful civiché, and venison chorizo potatoe and corn cakes. So worth it! Later in the week I took the liberty of eating pizza (not worth it), gluten free pancakes (sort of worth it), popcorn (worth it), sushi (totally worth it) and tacos from the infamous Taco Deli here in ATX. One of the reasons I love Austin is the Mexican food, so going grain free has been a little hard for that reason alone.

Overall, I felt decent after eating the grains but gained back two pounds and could see the little food baby in my belly after eating them. I have chosen to continue with my grain free lifestyle and coach others who want to give this a try. 90 Days really makes a difference! Even my mom has been grain free for two weeks now :) If we can do it, anyone can.

Meal planning and prepping is the key! Stay hydrated and have grain frew snacks handy. Premake lunches and dinners, and have easy foods on hand to satisfy hanger (hunger & anger mixed - watch out)! Apples and peanut butter was my quick fix. I also start every day with with a nutrient dense smoothie and guayusa tea. That keeps me alert and fresh, and doesn't drag me down in the middle of the day like coffee and bagels used to.

Going grain free has helped me recover from adrenal fatigue and chronic pain. I also released my daily coffee drinking habit which also helped reduced pain and inflammation. I also quit using Marijuana and don't plan on returning to that habit. I love and appreciate grains, coffee and weed, and even the trio of these substances together is a nice treat but frequent use was destroying my adrenal glands, depleting my energy, dampening my dreams, hindering my focus and creating an emotional roller coaster for my brain. I also realized I was numbing myself from a lot that really needed to come to the surface. Grain free has been the start of a more integrated life of integrity, focus, health, wellbeing, stability, creativity, authentic sexuality, mental clarity and overall awesomeness!!!

I am choosing to stay grain free and will allow myself a cheat week a few times a year. This, for me, feels balanced. To each their own!

If you are feeling the call to jump off the Grain Train I am happy to help you. Connect with me via and use subject line Grain Free Consult for a free 15 minute chat to see if grain free is a fit for you. I love helping people reach their best version of themselves, and this has been a big personal step for me ♡

My before and after photos. I also used a certain workout to help build muscle and tone. Email me for more info on that! ShellieWhiteLight@gmail.con

A sample of one of the many delightful meals I ate. Lots of greens, fish, sweet potatoes, salads, fruits, smoothies, etc.

This was one of my favorite breakfasts. A paleo tortilla I made myself, with homemade sour krout, avocado and two fried eggs. Super yum! The grain free tortilla totally saved me when I needed that carb-y bread like fix. No bloating! :)

My name is Shellie White Light and I help women engage in a conscious lifestyle that brings them joy and vitality. I offer coaching in the areas of food, fitness and nutrition, travel and a free spirited lifeatyle, sacred sexuality and intimacy, and creating a life based around your passion and purpose ♡ Call or email for a free consultation!