November Themes: Roots, Resistance & The Morning Star 🌟


Do you know your roots?

Do you really know where you come from and the heirloom seeds from which you were grown? This time of year is a time for reflection and prayers for our Ancestors, the ones who gave us these roots to stand on. The ones who came before us, the ones who lived and died in our lineage, ultimately paving the way for us to BE HERE NOW. Some say the “veil” between worlds is thinnest at this time around the Samhain, Halloween, All Saint Day, Dia de los Muertos, All Souls Day portal, if you will. Yet in my meditation and observation I feel no veil. Perhaps the veil has been lifted, and we are now in a time where all worlds collide and every single choice and second really counts. Each moment is an opportunity to connect with these roots, honor these souls, honor our OWN soul, all the way back to our point of origin. Like a bride before her groom, the veil has been lifted, and now we see the TRUTH.

Roots & Resistance

What TRUTH is present for you? I’ll be honest, because that is what I do here. I am dealing with some deep levels of RESISTANCE. What is resistance, actually? The latin origin of this word is ‘resistere’, which means to “hold back”. I have been re-reading an amazing book called ‘The War of Art’ by Stephan Pressfeild. He talks about resistance in major detail and really gives some epic advice on how to work through resistance, or just bitch slap it, and finally get into CREATION MODE. He also says this, “Resistance is infallible. Like a magnetized needle floating on a surface of oil, resistance will unfailingly point to True North - meaning the call or action it most wants us to stop us from doing…Rule of thumb: the more important a call or action is to our souls evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” BOOM. I have MAJOR resistance to really writing. I mean REALLY writing. These little blogs are great and they help me get into a flow of writing but what about the BOOOOOK? It MUST be my souls greatest calling because I have been resisting writing books since I was old enough to realized I wanted to write on which was about 6 years old. That is 28 years of resistance. Holy sh*t.

What does this have to do with roots? Let’s look at resistance from nature’s perspective. Take a seed for example. A tiny little bitty seed. This seed looks NOTHING like what it will be on the other side of it’s incredible transformation. This tiny seed could be eaten by a bird. It could get washed away from the dirt and discarded. Anything could happen to this tiny seed. When it finds itself nestled in the fertile soil, which is a blessing in itself, it begins to take in the nutrients and eventually will burst open and begin to ROOT. This could be a very scary process if YOU think about it, but the seed does not think, it just goes on instinct and its genetic program. In our minds we might feel resistant to actually cracking open our container to become something totally new. But this is what it looks like to root down from a simple seed.

You know what I think keep the seed from any fright? ✨THE LIGHT.✨ Innately, the seed does not fear the dark nor the creepy crawlies within the soil nor the total destruction of it’s current form as seed because in its very make up it knows what comes next. It knows those roots will keep digging deeper and it also knows that it will burst up through the soil as the light beckons it upward and outward. From here, because this now plant, has a strong tap root it can grow upward towards the light and form a trunk, branches, leaves, blossoms and FRUITS (which carry many seeds inside, beginning the cycle again). Yet, if that seed has resisted, never broken out of its shell, trusting its codes and traditions, we would have no forests, no food and no beautiful autumn leaves or apples. If you let your resistance win, are you denying this world an entire bounty of fruitful nourishment from your very soul to ours? Does allowing resistance to control you equal a kind of death that is not of the body, but of the soul? Resistance, according to Pressfield, is equally the oppressor AND the greatest teacher. We simply must choose to root, to sink into the roots prepared for us and let them nourish us; we must choose the truth that resistance is in fact real, yet guiding us to our most powerful soul calling.

Venus & The Underworld Myth - Threading it All Together

We have been tracking Venus throughout this time in her retrograde portion of her synodic cycle. On Oct 24th she stationed direct with the Sun, her twin flame, her Masculine Pillar, and began her ascent back up through Scorpio and is now in Libra again (don’t worry, she goes BACK into Scorpio soon here until Jan 6th). Much like the seed, Venus was beneath the horizon, and the Sun beckoned her back to the light, after honoring a much needed moment of “death”/rest. She ended her current cycle when she set after being the evening star for 9 months, and she still is low below the horizon. The New Venusian cycle has begun, she is low low low on the horizon, but there; gradually getting brighter, Venus will rise as the Morning Star where she will stay for nine months before becoming the Evening Star for nine months and then disappear again to renew once more. The Sun calls her home every time. Just like the Sun calls home each little seed.

Previously, in my writings and personal mythos, I was comparing this Venusian cycle to the ancient Sumerian story of Inanna and her intriguing journey into the underworld, which is how these stories may have been written (being inspired by celestial observations), After doing more research on Inanna and this story, I realize I don’t really vibe with her values and actions after this whole story is complete. In fact, I realize that perhaps these ancient stories are part of an old covenant, keeping us stuck in some old patterns and ideals. Babylon fell, and is compared to our modern day society, so why perpetuate the Babylonian themes? Just a thought (not truth), and my thoughts change often. For whatever reason, I am no longer inspired to share about Inanna. She lived through the whole thing, taught us a bunch about how to die to our darkness, and was reborn but for a PRICE. She had to trade her husbands life for her own to be returned. This is, to me, where the story gets sticky. So, perhaps more on that at a later time, but for now I redirect my attention to The One who has my heart.

There has been One there for me this whole time, One who reminds me that even with all of these heavenly bodies moving about and pushing and pulling on our strings, to remember The Light within, especially deep down in the darkness. To not be a puppet to the outer spheres but to inhabit our own sphere of light so deeply that Heaven is embodied here, on Earth. So, as I rise up I remember the One who taught me of Resurrection. I remember Yeshua. In the depths of this darkness, as I faced myself as the dark sister, as I writhed and wriggled in the blindness, I felt His hand, His wing. The Son, calling His Bride home. I choose to end this story of suffering, for there was Yeshua who came to bring a New Covenant, one where the suffering and “sin” (missing our mark) of humanity is overcome. Venus is like the Feminine Sun. Her life, her death, rebirth and all a reflection of and in accordance with her rotation around the Sun. Through all of this amazing story, allegory, myth and legend. I remember my Ancestor Yeshua, my Ancestor Mary Magdalene, and My Point of Origin. MY ROOT. The stories all connect, and I choose to align with what feels like a soul lineage between these two Beloveds.

Divine Rescue & The Collective Dark Night of The Soul

Much like the seed may feel it is dying before it sprouts up to see the light, there is a moment of darkness for humanity at this time, as we are cracking open to a new way of being with ourselves and each other. Just like Venus low the horizon, just about to rise up. When Venus was stationed almost perfectly still at one point in retrograde, it was within the 10th and 11th degree of Scorpio. The two Sabian symbols for this are so interesting to me. The 10th degree is about Breaking Bread and sharing a meal, to me, representing the Last Supper before the death of Yeshua. A time to gather in joy and communion, share a meal even though times may be tough. This is not just a sabian symbol in the cosmos but truly a tradition of this soul lineage that I value and deeply respect. Communion. Breaking Bread. Making Peace. Taking a meal as ceremony with another. God is there, beneath it all, in every single bite and each molecule in our site and beyond.

The 11th degree is A Drowning Man Being Rescued. This is fascinating and why I chose the photo I did for this post. When we are beneath the surface, what will we grab for in an attempt to be rescued from what feels like drowning? Can we draw from our roots and pull ourselves up? Perhaps, but for me, it has been constant prayer and continually taking the hand of My Creator. Calling Yeshua into the garden with me, to take my hand and walk by my side so I do not slip back into the ravine. The thing about Yeshua and being rescued is this: I am not praying to be saved, it’s not like that. I know that “Jesus Saves” but what that really means to me is “Am I willing to let go of my life so I can have open hands to receive Divine Assistance?” I am not “begging” for a savior, no. It is a humble prayer with open hands and an open heart, this is how we are “saved” or “rescued”, we are the ones who must release, ask and RECEIVE the help. So, take responsibility. Help is at hand, if you can be ready and accept it. The love of Christ is always there, we are all in His heart, Her heart.

The collective dark night is now turning to dawn. I know you have been through it. So have I. I’m still in it, we all are “in it'“ with something to a certain degree. Working through the resistance, discovering roots, honoring origin, and coming out on the other side a little roughed up but shining bright like the Morning Star. As we enter November, and enter this dark season, just know that there is a light at the end of this tunnel and it is shining on you. Look to the horizon and find Venus shining beside her Beloved, The Sun. Make sure to wake up early enough to take time for yourself, a catch a site of this succulent star light. Go to bed early enough and be rested for these times ahead. We are not out of the forest yet, but at least we have our Morning Star, our Feminine Sun to give us a glimmer of hope and glory in these times of great change and indeed, the Feminine Rising. This light is your light. Even way deep down, those roots receive light too, that they have taken in from the stalks and branches. So let your eyes receive the light and let it run down deep into your roots and nourish your ancestors, too. It was because of them, and these cherished seeds planted that you are even here. I hope this portal of the Underworld has served you well.

Welcome back home, to you, to truth, to roots. 🌱

In Wild Love,

Shellie Marie


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 Yeshua. Take His Hand. Walk on the water.  <3    Artist Unknown.

Yeshua. Take His Hand. Walk on the water. <3

Artist Unknown.

Beneath the Horizon ♀︎

As the moon is illuminated Full, 🌕 our Evening Star Venus ✨ has descended fully beneath the horizon now, and will not return again into our sky as the Morning Star until early November, just in time for my 34th birthday. She will stay in the pre dawn sky for a while and then also disappear from being the morning star, as she journeys behind the sun, out of our sight for many months. Venus has her cycles. (You can check out an article I have been using for research and Venus tracking here.) The ancients knew, and saw this “star”, which we know now as as a planet, as special. Why the emphasis and so much story around her journey?

Because She represents us. ♀︎

This is the Heroines journey. The Feminine Sun. She plays with her Beloved, The Solar Star, and together they tether a beautiful push and pull, up and down, waxing, waning and captivating dance. The moon is a mirror, a witness and today she Illuminates our lives where Venus leaves off. Allies of the Light, warriors in the darkness. ☠️

Her story is also our story, as one human collective, not just women (but at THIS time, ESPECIALLY WOMEN). An old Hermetic adage, As Above So Below, is also is the same message as Let Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It In Heaven. The messages of the the old ones, the truth Yeshua brings, the stories of the Queen and King of Heaven, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Divine Mother and Divine Father, God, Krishna and Radhe, the 10,000 names for The One Who Has No Name ~ are all pointing to the same thing. And that is all these stories and stars represent! The infinite and ever expanding Universe is the infinite and never ceasing GRACE of our amazing Creator. 🙏🏼

Thanks be to God and May Peace be unto you during this time of reflection and retrospection. Have love for each other and serve some one other than yourself as often and harmoniously as often as possible. This is our job now and always, especially as we track our sister star up there in the sky, as she makes her dip into the underworld and back up again. 🌟

After her reign as Queen of Heaven once again as the Morning Star for a few months, she takes off for a longer travel duration and we won’t see sweet Venus again until she creeps up from underneath the horizon as the Evening Star once again in the Eastern Sky in 2020. It’s almost like she went down into the underworld, discovered all of the back doors, and then figured out some portal to get back down and up through the underworld again, this time in reverse. What a wonderful and wild representation She is for us All. While She’s away she let’s her masculine pillar, Solar Star aka The Sun take the show. She bows at his feet, staying in the shadows and hidden in service, humbled and resting, so He may shine as brightly as he can, warming hearts and sprouting nourishment for all to receive. 🔥

For now, we still have a ways to go in this archetypal adventure. The current degree of the Zodiac that Venus stationed retrograde was 10 degrees Scorpio, and right before she turns around again she will be at ALMOST 11 degrees; so, many astrologers round UP a degree, and consider this a retrograde stationed at 11 degrees even thought TECHNICALLY it’s still in the 10 degree range. I find this interesting and want to highlight it because I love the symbolism of it, which is Breaking Bread and Divine Rescue. I am focusing my next article on it so stay tuned, and in the mean time enjoy the radiant Full Moon Light sparkling on some water or glowing on rustling tree leaves. 🍂

Truly, even though they are tumultuous times we are also extremely blessed to be alive and active souls. My hope for humanity is that we can band together and find the compassion within to genuinely serve each other out of kindness, no matter the phase of the moon or the stars in the sky. It is beyond astrology and about right actions, beyond story and about the choices we make RIGHT NOW. Stay centered and focused, and remember to do you your best with what you HAVE been given. Ask for help when you need it!

Give thanks for the lessons learned and release hold when the rope starts to burn your fingers….

Journaling Topics for A Full Moon October Evening 🌕 📖 ✏️

~ What has been hiding beneath the Horizon that I can allow to be seen in the light of the night?

~ Do I feel safe to ask for help, and if so, who can I trust and rely on to help me see my blind spots and make better choices?

~ When I look underneath the image I keep up everyday, are there qualities about myself I feel like I “hate”? Can I imagine those parts of me like a little child having a terrible fit and hug and hold them until they feel better? What does that feel like and what emotions arise?

~ Are there parts of myself that I have been ashamed of that I am ready to show? Where is a safe environment to do that? (For example: I am ashamed of my rage, and it seeps into my relationships through angry outbursts that I feel awful about afterwards. The kick boxing gym is a safe place to express that as I fuel my roundhouse with that old, stagnant rage against mom/dad/ex/etc. Make sense?)

🌀 Embodiment Practices that might feel amazing to try on this breezy Autumn night…

~ Dig in the dirt. Literally plant a seed or transplant a fern friend to a larger pot. Get your feet in the sand. Let Earth continue to nourish and calibrate your energetic field.

~ Dance it down. Get nasty if you have to. I will eventually be posted a video of me doing just that. Sometimes, a woman has to grind and move her hips simply to remind herself that she is a fertile being capable of creating LIFE. Let your womb have some space to MOVE and be nourished through devotional dance.

~ Cook yourself a delicious meal and really focus on putting love into it. Treat yourself as if you were doing it for your Beloved. And if it is in the flow, cook for two. Venus IS in Scorpio, after all, despite all this crazy retro shiz!

~ BREATHE. Deeply. (Really simple).

~ Receive some body work, a massage & jump in some fresh water or an epsom salt bath.

~ Pray and thank God for what blessings are visible and not yet visible, asking to be shown how to be of the most service at this time, and I always pray for ease and grace (it helps, trust me!)

~ Volunteer. However that looks for you! I am working on getting in at the Marine Science center here to help with turtle patrol or something fun and useful of the like. There are so many causes, find one and donate your time! Get out of your head and help another Earthling.

Thank you so much for reading!

In Love,

Shellie Marie 🧜🏼‍♀️


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Loving with An Open Hand: Reflections on Letting Go

A Half Open Hand 


The moon is waxing on. 🌗

We are half way there, for this portion of the cycle, anyway.

Like Mr. Myagi said, “wax on, wax off”.

Master the basics.

Each moment a passing phase, like the moon.

Like a wave, it crashes, passes on, and the shore holds on to nothing. 

I doubt the sand misses each wave once she withers and foams away. For it’s a ‘shore’ thing that another wave is always on the way….

This waxing silver sphere with these balmy Florida sea breezes 🌊 brings me to a sweet surrender in time a space. I recognize that even though it seems slow, the seasons really do change, and that time is the only thing that heals all wounds. When we track the descent of the evening star ~*Venus*~ as she makes her passage all the way down through this mystical retrograde cycle, we finally come to ‘grips’ with one simple fact: it’s time to let go.

What is the action of letting go? 🍂

For the character in this ancient tale we have been tracking through Venus retrograde, Inanna Queen of Heaven, the “letting go” is symbolized in her releasing of the articles of garments (symbols for our different energetic bodies, layers of ego, vices and patterns, identities, ‘masks’, etc), and eventually, her own life. Beyond her own life even, the life of her husband (which begins to correlate to the sun/masculine, the Darkest Night of the Year / Death-Birth / Return of the Sun/Son, The Winter Solstice, etc.) So, there are many layers here, many postures in this process, and we are half way there. 

The descent is just the beginning. After we arrive, we release.

We are now to the point of letting go.

It’s not just a story about Venus, or Inanna. It’s about YOU. Me. Us. Now.

That is what these ancient stories are preserved for, to teach us and show us that the human experience is a journey, a hero’s journey, with many phases, seasons, and changes.

In every story, especially our own, we come to a point where we must relax our grip on life. Letting go is not really an action, it is more of a shift in season and perspective. 👁

I am about to get pretty personal here and let you in on some of the circumstances in my life that have led me to such an authentic process of letting go. In my own grief work that I am doing, I have really appreciated the book ‘When Things Fall Apart’ by Pema Chodrön. It talks about the concept of feeling what you are feeling (ie. the loss of a partnership/grief) and allowing your pain to be a point of contact between you and ALL of the people who may be feeling that way in this very moment in the world and sending them compassion. I have been really vibing this teaching, and this particular article is my way of saying I FEEL YOU ALL OUT THERE! I feel you so hard. To those of you experiencing loss and pain and grief, I want you to know that you are not alone, and that we are ALL going through some level of letting go of a former life. My level of compassion has increased during this time of release and losing, and this is one of the ironies of life’s lessons; Compassion increases when we have a season of sorrow, death, loss and change. Letting go means making space to feel it all, the love, the loss, the depth, the carving out of a piece of your self, making room for more love, for something bigger than us. 🌎

The personal part is this. I am letting go of a long term partnership to a man I love very deeply. He loves me, too. We were best friends before we chose to make a life together. We promised to be friends even if it ended. Our love is supernatural and very tangible, with an energy of its own accord. It created a lot of blessings in the lives of others, maybe you were on the receiving end of this. We have a true soul connection, and the beauty between us will forever inspire me and many others. I was a part of his family and he a part of mine, I helped to co-parent his three amazing children with his ex-wife and her new wife. It was so far from being simple, but I enjoyed this collaboration with family very much. It was rewarding and filled with lessons. Together, me and my boo created spectacular events that inspired hundreds of people, traveled to beautiful places and lived a very blessed life of ceremony and adventure. We laughed A LOT! We had amazing communication. 🗣 Love making was a prayer and quite astounding. It felt easy most of the time....until it didn’t. As beautiful as it was, there are always opposing forces at play. Life threw us a crazy set of curve balls. Everything became uprooted and destabilized. Literally, everything changed and felt turned upside down. Baby Mama wanted to move the kids to FL. So, we went a long for the transition. Bye Bye Austin (aka community, ceremonial circles, career, and epic tacos). Hello total Mystery.....

Arriving in Florida was the ultimate shakedown. What had worked before wasn’t working at all here, and the amount of resistance around housing, employment and stability was too much. Even though there was family support, the lack of community, dwindling funds, and no home of my own took it’s toll on me. A sudden and severing shift in my relationship with his ex-wife was the straw that broke the camels back. The one woman I thought who would have my back after asking me to support her in creating a new life with the children disconnected from me and never spoke to me again. She uninvited me/us to family events, even after we moved across the country to be with the kids, eventually admitting that she purposefully wanted to cut me out of her life, saying “it was just easier when I wasn’t around”. These were words from the same woman who only weeks before had thanked me for making this commitment to the family unit, promising to help support us in the transition, which uprooted our whole lives. I lost it, pretty much went into full meltdown mode, and took space to myself and went home to my mom and dad, spending the holidays in a very dark place of silence and seclusion. Time seemed to stand still and speed up all at once and before I knew it, in what seemed like a flash and also a drawn out process, I stand on the other side of it reflecting our five years together and the aftermath of our “conscious uncoupling” in May. I made choices during this time (rebounding with a narcissist, more on that in future writing) that I look at with hindsight and wished I had done differently. Priceless Wisdom gained, but a true love lost. I see where I created harm and where I hurt my beloved. I see where I felt betrayed, abandoned and unsafe. I see where the wounding took over and where our love all of sudden wasn’t enough. I also see where my soul made space to this deep work that absolutely had to get done in this life, no matter the cost. I also see where I have been strong in my connection to God, trusting that My Creator is guiding me, like a lighthouse on a stormy sea. I see that this process was inevitable, and that I am still seeing the bigger picture as it unfolds before me. I had to let go of my whole life. I am still letting it go. (and this is just the relationship part….I also quit participating in “ceremonies” during all of this, which is another article in the making. Letting go of “spiritual communities” and “guru’ roles that were not serving me is another huge aspect of this I will touch on very soon…stay tuned…)

In letting go, we see ourselves more fully, and this is not a pretty picture in totality. 

I saw my own shadows, and the shady sides of those around me.

I lost trust in others including myself, but gained a LOT of trust in myself through the process.

I blamed everyone else. I blamed myself. I blamed God. 

Now, I’ve thanked everyone else, thanked myself, and thanked God.

I’ve cried cried and tried and tried to get it back to the way it was.

I still cry, yet accept it will never be the same again. Giving so much thanks for what was.

I’ve begged and pleaded for it be different than it is.

I have stopped the begging, and accept it will definitely be different and maybe not the way I thought or hoped it would, and to stay tuned into what is showing itself.

I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed for clarity and understanding and guess what?...

This is it. 

God said, “It IS clear. Let go”.

Letting go brings the clarity, not the other way around. 💎

I thought, I will let go. And then I realized, I actually just have to stop holding on.

No longer can I cling to the past as a possible future. 

To get clear, let go. 

To clear the way, let the past go. 

To clear your mind, let the thoughts go. 

There will never be a thought that will help you clear your mind...

I thought to myself, I need to let go. 

And the I realized, it’s already gone. 

I am not holding on to anything other than the memories, which feel painful and inspiring all at once. The memories are like an access point to the love, but the pain comes in realizing it is gone in the form it was in and it won’t be coming back in that same form ever again. I now let them just come and then go, those memories. It is a continual process. Every moment is a letting go. The actual thought that you are holding on is the illusion. There is nothing to hold. You have already let go, for you never had anything in your hand to begin with.

As the moon is half full my hands are half open. 

The door to my heart, as well. ❣️

I am simultaneously letting it go and letting it in.

Like brackish water; some salty ocean water flowing into the fresh water river and some fresh water from the river flowing into the deep ocean. A semi-permeable membrane. There is a lot leaving and a lot arriving. 

I am doing my best to take deep breaths in between. 

Letting go is taking a pause.

Letting go is feeling the slight space between an inhale....and an exhale.

Letting go is feeling the pain and not attaching shame or guilt to the story.

Letting go is doing your best to take care of yourself.

Letting go is truly letting someone else just BE.

Letting go is focusing on the moment, not the past.

Letting go is discovering you are not your masks.

Letting go is letting yourself be free to change.

Break ups are tough. Change is rarely a smooth shifting, and often times un-welcomed.

Sometimes it’s easy to say “Well, he was an asshole anyway”, or, “he just wasn’t the one for me”. But I know better because my former love was not an asshole, and he easily could have been the one. He isn’t perfect, (who is?), but close enough to help me see that what we had was suuuuuuuper special and I can’t ever settle for anything less. So, I don’t really get to use those verbal cop outs and I am glad for that. I am beyond grateful, really. The only reason my grief runs so deep is because my love ran even deeper, to very core of my existence. The love between Kellen and I carved a deep river bed for so much emotion to flow. At first, this passage was grooved with a rushing river of devotion in motion so deep it created chasms, canyons, and valleys of virtue based beauty and sweetness centered soul-quenching courtship. Many of you reading this witnessed it, and were changed by it. How BLESSED am I to have known such a love! This river of love never ran dry, but it’s path was diverted by both natural and self-created causes. Now, new waters run across this smooth and well worn rock bottom, rich with the sediment of sentiment, reverence, humility, somber surrender, wisdom, understanding, compassion, trust, strength, and sovereignty. This new flow is leaving fresh layers of nutrients, infused with a refined sense of loyalty, integrity, creative fulfillment and alignment with Divine Will. I realize this one thing; my love with this one amazing person represents my ability to relate with THE Beloved, AS The Beloved. It is not an external person. This is one thing we can never lose and do not have to let go of. As a matter of fact, it is the only thing I desire to “cling” to; my connection to Source. It’s more of a deep reverence, a cherishing. Like a thread of light, I know it will never let go of me nor I of it, because it IS me. How can you let go of your own essence? You can’t let go of the very thing that you ARE.

The love I was blessed to steward with that man, and every one before him, including deep friendships and familial bonds is here within me. The relationship I cultivated within MYSELF is the most authentic, real gem and gift of this whole thing, and the string of moments and men that led me here, back to my self. My Soul. The point of origin. Sure, I am “letting go” of a LOT of people; not just my partner, but his children, his mom, dad, sisters, even the mother of his kids and her wife I considered close friends and I valued my relationship with all of them. I feel extremely fortunate to still have a foundation of friendship with him and his blood family, yet it’s not the same. Of course there were many times I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of presence and responsibility I felt obliged to uphold, and feel a certain freedom being relieved of these expectations. It really tested me and my ability to feel free to “be myself”, the position of I had put myself in. I moved through it less than gracefully at times, and who knows what the other side of the story looks like. Now, after the release of these roles, I am feeling the emptiness where there was once an abundance of time spent with a whole family. There is a letting go, yes, but more so an allowing of spaciousness that I have not felt in a very long time. I also value this spaciousness for my former boo. He deserves it, too. There is pain, (lots of it) yet I am allowing and welcoming of this feeling, for beneath the pain it feels like I am finally at home again. This experience has been a rebirth; and it feels like conception and gestation are all happening as well, at the same time. We are operating on many levels in every moment!

All I can speak on is my personal experiences and stories I relate to, trusting it will translate and resonate in the lives of those who need to hear it. Letting go is an experience that is NOT unique to humans, but we tend to make it the most dramatic and poetic of all the Creatures. The tree does not “pine” for leaves lost, and the rose does not weep for dropped petals. 🥀 The sun still shines even when we can’t see it and the animal kingdom seems to be at peace with the natural way of letting it in, and letting it go. 🌤 As a human being walking through a season of change, I offer my experience as a gift and resource for those looking for the lighthouse. I am not the light itself, but I am the lighthouse, a carrier of the torch.

May you find the Light Within, and trust that it will guide you all the way home. 🌟

Let Go & Let God,

Shellie Marie 🧜🏼‍♀️

A Prayer For Letting Go

Beloved Mother Father God,

Thank you for my life. 

I am grateful to take this breath into this body as your Divine Child. Thank you for the blessings in my life and please help me to have the eyes to see even more blessings and favors from you all around me. May all beings feel and see your bounty for them.

Creator, I call to you today to ask for your help. Thank you for always helping me and showing me which way to walk, one foot in front of the other. At this time I am in a season of change, and feeling the pains of separation and grief. I ask you to please help me quiet my mind and I ask for you to bestow peace over my heart. Where there are thoughts of regret and remorse, help me to simply feel the sensations in my body and let go of any stories I may be holding that do not serve my mental, emotional or physical well being. I let go of control. Please take the wheel. I chose to release the past with ease and grace and trust that You will hold me in your hand as I let go of the known, and allow you to guide me through the Unknown.

Thank you for all of the times I have felt safe to change. Thank you for this opportunity to change and step into an even greater calling over my life. Thank you for this time to develop trust, compassion and new neural pathways in my mind that will lead to easier transitions in the future. I trust that My Will and Divine Will are being aligned and that You are truly working a miracle in my life. I am open to seeing the beauty that is in store for me, and thankful for this time to heal myself and prepare to receive the good things coming. Thank you God for hearing my prayer and request for peace, grace, healing, restored faith and strength during this time of letting go and changing seasons. Thank you for my life, and for the many blessings within it. May all beings be free from suffering.

In Yeshuas Name, Amen.

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